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May 26, 2004
Hopefully someone 'round these parts can help me out. I read through the threads here that I thought might address my issue but came up with nothing; so here'goes.

I am having trouble viewing one specific local (Fresno, CA) OTA Digital channel; 24-1. The analog signal comes in fine (if a little snowy) and 24-2 (which is just a test pattern) comes in perfectly well, too.

What happens with 24-1 is this: I get a signal strength of around 80% (Same as for 24-2) but no video and no audio. Dish Network Technical support tried blaming both the broadcaster and my antenna. I *WAS* able to receive 24-1 briefly last night and lost it when I changed channels briefly.

I have tried deleting all DTV channels, Resetting the receiver (by both holding the power button for 10-ish seconds as well as unplugging it), Scanning for DTV signals, adding the digital channel mannually.

I have spoken with the broadcaster (KSEE 24) to verify that they are indeed broadcasting 24-1 (they are). He mentioned that there *might* be something in the PSIP signal (If I heard him right) that's causing the problem with certain receivers (i.e., my 811)

What can I *possibly* do to help narrow down where the problem is? The only troubleshooting I can think to do is try a different receiver but that isn't exactly possible for me since I'm the only person I know with a Digital receiver.

If there *is* something in the signal from KSEE 24 that caused my receiver to choke, how can I "clear out" whatever made it choke in the first place?

What *I* believe might be happening is the remapping the receiver does for 24-1 is screwed up somehow. If so, what can I do about it? (Yes, have the 266 software)
I'll bet your problem is the 811. It is one of the poorest OTA receivers around. It has trouble with some PSIP encoding as well as multipath rejection and interference from adjacent channels. The only way to prove this is to try another receiver, a stand alone one. I got the Samsung T151 and a friend of mine got the LG 3100A. Both perform significantly better than the 811. I can receive all 8 available stations in my area with the T151. The 811 locks on only 4 of them.

You may want to take advantage of Circuit City's return policy or buy a popular one on Ebay and resell it if you don't want to keep it.
It's certainly been hit or miss with me. It's different every day. But the new software will fix that all up, right?!??! :rolleyes:

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