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Jan 19, 2004
I had an 811 w/ the HD Pack. In February, I upgraded to the 211 with a Dish 1000 in order to receive the VOOM channels. All of that went fine. When ESPN2HD went live, it's signal strength was only in the 60's and went totally out with only moderate cloud cover. NGHD, HGTVHD and HDNFL are all in the 40's and break up constantly even in sunny weather. This has been this way since going live. I live in Kentucky. Does my dish need to be re-aimed? How much will a local installer charge to come out for that?
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Supporting Founder
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Feb 9, 2005
Lousville, KY
You need to get the dish repointed. You are past the warranty period. Call High Power Tech Services and see what they say. They probably installed it if you are in Northern KY. If they will not take care of it call Dish.
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