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Jun 5, 2008
First of all I live in central Florida about 75 miles northwest of Orlando. Besides the standard channels I want to order the high def. and local channels.

I called and asked how many dishes would I need to receive this package. He told me one.
I questioned him about this because I was told I would need two. He was kind of rude and said don't tell me I am viewing the same exact thing with only one dish. He didn't say where he lives though. I really would like only one dish on the house.

Now I am really confused. Would it be one or two and if two why if he said he only has one.

Also my older av receiver has only one optical input which is in use with no hdmi. How would I connect the audio from the sat box to the the receiver? I do have a coaxel audio input not in use.

Thank's in advance for your help...
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Sep 20, 2005
Fishers, IN
Call and talk to Claude at Dishstore. Best deals and the right info.
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