Recording Won't Restore


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Nov 5, 2004
I just noticed a new "feature" on my 522. I have gotten used to telling the unit that I really do want to record several M-F shows, even though it thinks it already has them. I do this once a week on the weekends, and it works ok.

Except for this weekend. I have several radio shows I am getting off SkyAngel, and it will only restore one of the shows in the list, and no more than one. It claims it is restoring the others, even telling me "recording restored by user" and I don't get any "this conflicts with ..." messages, nor do I have anything recording at the same time.

I have tried resetting the system, several times. I also have deleted the recording, reset the unit (power button in for 5 seconds + reload), and then restoring the timer, but it still refuses to allow more than one to be active at a time.

I appear to be running version 236. Any ideas what is going on? Is there any way around it? (What I really want is to say "record no matter what" in that time, without going to completely time basing my recordings (I like the title of the show being listed).


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