Rent a 6000 or 811?


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Oct 26, 2003
I'm dying to make the leap into HD. Just took delivery of a Hitachi 60v500 RPLCD and want to put it through its paces. The problem is, I have become addicted to PVR/DVR and am impatiently waiting for a 921.

Sooo... It would sure be nice to rent/beg/borrow/steal a 6000 that has been replaced by an 811 or an 811 that happens to be hanging around until I can get my hands on a 921... Name your price!

If you have been a Dishnetwork customer a while, you might call them up and see what deal you can get on an 811, you can always just use it for a second TV later. You might qualify for the $149 deal.
I've been a 4 receiver DHP customer since early September. Sure worth a try though. Thanks for the idea.
If you have DHP, I saw in the retailer chat thread you will need to wait until 12/22 for the promotion to start for DHP. The thread said $99.

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