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Here's a channel that if you are into skateboarding, Diving, Surfing, etc, you would like. These are X-Type games like you will see in ESPN. I do not believe any of these programs are live programs and the quality picture (PQ) ranges from outstanding to very good. So you would never go wrong with the picture quality. Some of the programs are true HD transfer while others looked like they were recorded live. Today I watched one that looked like a transfer. The only complain about the VOOM PG is that it does not give you dates, location and what type of competation this was. In fact, this skateboard competition program had no description on information button. The DD5.1 sound is perfect. Here are some pics.


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It looks the programming in this channel has been revamped. There is no more the continuous three hours loop but more programs have been added such as:

Air Time
Big Air
Kayaking China

Here's the program for today... It looks like we are finally seeing the end of the loops of these channels. Animania was revamped, worldsport and now rush.

8:00am Roostertail:
9:00am Face Time:
10:00am Big Air:
11:00am Boing:
12:00pm Fuel & Fury:
12:30pm Reunion Island: Kayaking With a Twist in Madagascar:
1:30pm Diving:
2:00pm Air & Waves:
2:30pm Drive:
3:30pm Kayaking China:
4:30pm Fuel & Fury:
5:00pm Roostertail:
6:00pm Gravity Games: Skateboarding Vert Finals; Dirt BikePreliminaries
8:00pm Out of Bounds:
9:00pm Kayaking China:
10:00pm Out of Bounds:
11:00pm Kayaking China:
Rush-HD Alert: Endless Summer

Someone at AVS posted that this was a good program. It was showing today and it will be showing again tonight at 12am. Here at dates:

January 9: 8:00AM, 12:00PM, 4:00PM, 8:00PM
January 10: 12:00AM
January 16: 8:00AM, 12:00PM, 4:00PM, 8:00PM
January 17: 12:00AM

I know HDnet is showing Endless Summer II. I'll see if I can catch it tonight.
I caught a little bit of this one last night. I am not a surfing fan but if you are you have to see it. A bit old and don't expect an excellent PQ but it is still good.
Rush-HD Alert: Skateboarding - Mike Valley 2/4


A hundred years from now, Mike Vallely will be viewed as one of skateboarding's pioneers. He'll be remembered as a burly, glue-footed, hella-pop artist. An ATV ruler, a poet, and a fighter's fighter. An iconoclast among icons....

....Anyway, my time in Africa was mostly spent in a very rural area called Valley Of A Thousand Hills. This is Zulu country, devastatingly impoverished and beautiful. We are talking about an area that only received electricity ten years ago, where there is no running water or plumbing of any kind. Where people live in mud huts made of sticks and dried mud and live off of the land for the most part.

I was there to participate in the Indigo Skate Camp hosted by Dallas Oberholzer a South African skater who basically single handedly introduced skateboarding to the Zulu kids of Valley Of A Thousand Hills about a year ago. Before that the only sport they had been exposed to and played is soccer. So, I spent a lot of time getting to know the Zulu’s and talking and skating with them. It was such an incredible experience and we documented the entire trip on High Definition Video and the show will air in a few months on the new High Definition satellite network VOOM on a channel called RUSH.
Watching this right now but the PG shows "Barcelona vs Valladolid". The Rush PG has been screwed a few times this week.
Why does this looks like an upconvert rather than a true HD? There is not detail. No detail in his eyes. If this is going to be a documentary about him why not shot it on true HD video. This looks bad...

P.S. I was expecting a glorious HD video of skateboarding but this was dissapointing so I am turning to another channel...
Rush HD Alert: Free Flight : Aspen and Hawaii & On a Single Breath : Hawaii, 2/25

SHOW TITLE: Free Flight
EPISODE: Aspen and Hawaii

SYNOPSIS: Extreme paragliding in Aspen and flying in Hawaii. Produced in high definition and Dolby.
DATE / TIME: February 25: 8:00AM, 2:00PM, 8:00PM
February 26: 2:00AM
February 29: 9:00AM, 3:00PM, 9:00PM
March 1: 3:00AM
March 2: 8:00AM, 2:00PM, 8:00PM
March 3: 2:00AM

SHOW TITLE: On a Single Breath

SYNOPSIS: Athletes have an intense experience reaching new underwater depths on a single breath. Produced and presented in high definition.
DATE / TIME: February 25: 9:00AM, 3:00PM, 9:00PM
February 26: 3:00AM
Rush-HD Alert: Flutag Los Angeles, 3/5

SYNOPSIS: Extreme contestants take the plunge off the Santa Monica pier to see who can be the best. Produced and presented in HD.

DATE / TIME: March 5: 9:00PM, 11:00PM
March 6: 3:00AM, 5:00AM
March 11: 8:00AM

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