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SatelliteGuys Family
Apr 26, 2004
Visalia, Ca
What timing!

What timing! After finishing Christmas shopping I convinced my wife for us to upgrade to the Vip 622 today (install date of 1/02/07)! Now this? What timing. If AT-180 being renamed to AT-250 means 70 channels being added soon, well I guess I could use this to soften the news to the wife!

Happy Holidays to all!!
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SatelliteGuys Family
Mar 3, 2005
Ok I have been digging and have found the following out...


New package names:
Dish Family- Will stay the same
AT-60 changes to AT-100
AT-120 changes to AT-200
AT-180 changes to AT-250

Dish Family and AT-100 (currently AT-60) will not have a price increase, AT200 and AT250 will be going up $3 per month.

Dish HD Packages will be priced $20 above its corresponding AT Package.

Adult programming is going up $5 per channel. (Lets hope this does not include Playboy)

Again this is just a rumor. :)

whats up with those numbers? 100, 200 and 250? Is there any rhyme or reason? or is that the new monthly fee


Supporting Founder
Supporting Founder
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Sep 9, 2003
my guess is that it includes the audi channels. We are not going to see 70 new channels. if we are i will pay 43 w/out squawking.


SatelliteGuys Master
Nov 5, 2006
Northern California
Wow twenty bucks more for corresponding hd metal packages that seems insane, looks as if dtv may have a banner year

IIRC, DTV always has a corresponding price increase when E* does.

BTW, I don't think that the Distants situation caused this - remember that E* did not have to pay $100 million, and E* did not lose customers to D* because of the Distants issue (since those who qualify for D* distants can get them on their E* system from NPS).

They did lose the future income from distants, but that amount works out to less than $1 per customer (i.e. spread over all customers), so it could only be a small part of the increase. And, it may be far less than that, since many of the customers will just subscribe to E* LIL locals instead of distants (such as the grandfathered distant customers).

Thus, there can only be two forces causing and allowing an increase:
1) Increases in Programming Costs (ie increases from ESPN, etc.)
2) Increases by the Competition (ie if Cable providers raise prices, then there is nowhere cheaper to go, so Dish can do likewise)


Pub Member / Supporter
Pub Member / Supporter
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Sep 5, 2005
Norris, TN
Before everyone gets all excited about the $20, that is what it is now except for the Plat vs Everything:
Bronze 49 AT60 29 = 20
Silver 59 AT120 39 =20
Gold 69 AT180 49 =20
Plat 99 Everything 84 =15

stone phillips420

On Vacation
Oct 20, 2004
DTV always has a corresponding price increase when E* does.
so your telling me that in Dtv has raised my prices 6 dollars in the last 2 years? If that is the case they do give me a bunch of programming credits throughout the year. So by far the programming credits afforded me each year are far more outweigh the price increases.
Already got my holiday card from Dtv, im not holding my breath for the holiday card from *ish
Btw *ish never gave me nothing except the screw job! but that may just be me, i don't think thats the case
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SatelliteGuys Pro
Jun 8, 2006
Denver, CO
I thought so, thanks lakebum431 for looking that up.:hatsoff:

70 more channels! Is that how many PPV channels there are? For $3 more, they will just list them in the advertisement.:D

Either way, maybe he will announce that all packages can be bought on an annual subscription, either at the 12 month rate without an increase; or better yet, with one month discount. If so, I'll throw in an extra 5.


Pub Member / Supporter
Pub Member / Supporter
Lifetime Supporter
Sep 5, 2005
Norris, TN
So, Platinum could go up by $8? It might be time for me to downgrade.

I don't know, that $99 number is a lot easier sell than $107. I'd be surprised if they change that one. It's the whole mental thing of paying over $100/mth for TV that will turn people off.


Pub Member / Supporter
Pub Member / Supporter
Nov 25, 2003
Nederland , Texas
The whole deal with the Platinum pack was that you got a $5.00 discount on hd by subbing to it. So Scott, you are saying that we will no longer see the $5.00 discount and the price will go up by $3.00 on top of that leaving an $8.00 increase?


SatelliteGuys Master
Feb 14, 2004
Germantown OH
When I count the channels in the AT120 pack (from the Dish site)
Just a quick estimate here it appears if you count all of those music channels you are right at about 200. I didn't compare the others, but I bet if you count it is pretty darn close.
That's been the case for some time... Of course, many people say that all of the music channels, shopping channels, and public-interest channels shouldn't count.
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Supporting Founder
Supporting Founder
Sep 7, 2003
Western WV
Dang, bend over real good for this one. I predicted a rate increase as high as $3 as I knew some kind of rate increase was coming. OUCH! That one's gonna hurt. And $5 rate increase for the adult channels? That is going to be an $8 price increase for some. Time to look for alternatives for those other channels for those that have them (ITVN). This is just getting downright expensive now. Just think, in another year or two we could be look at (with locals) ...

Dish Famine Pack -> $30
Dish 100 -> $40
Dish 200 -> $50
Dish 250 -> $60

Which is only $2 more than what it will be after this increase. This can be done in another year or two easily, so thats $5 more in 2-3 years. Maybe they will keep Dish Famine and Dish 100 a little cheaper by a few bucks or keep Dish Famine a low pricepoint entry level package.

Originally it was AT40 for $19.99 and AT50/60 for $26.99 (maybe $25.99 somewhere in there) then I remember when it went to $29.99 later on but there was still that $19.99 package then the AT120 introduced at around $39.99 that is going to be $53 without locals in 2007

(All based upon if the rumor comes true - Probably will)
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