Scariest Disney villain?


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Dec 12, 2012
I don't think this can be topped, but I'm going to say "Chernabog" from "Night on Bald Mountain" from the movie "Fantasia". He was even introduced in Fantasia as "Satan" himself. So I am going to say that "Chernabog" is another name for "Satan". Even the Bible has many different names for both God and the devil. And yes I know the Slavic meaning behind "Chernabog", but he's known as a "black god" and to me and many others he's the devil.
Just to be clear before answering. Do you mean classic Disney or Woke-Disney?
Everybody on these boards already knows my politics. And although I possibly might slip up once in a while, I'm going to avoid making any political comments, including in this one.
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