Senior Discounts?


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Aug 3, 2017
Does dish have senior discounts? my dad account is 25+ years old and 70+ at this point, do they have senior discount or is no such thing?, I ask cause i getting read to call dish again cause i being hounded about joey issues, so if i gona call i might as do everything at onces.

See about more discount (preferable permanent) keeping programing i have now, last time i talked to them I drops starz to keep bill under $150 was 144$ for 2 months then raise there bill by 5$ make it over $150 again. and that with me constantly put discount on account, normal bill is well over 210$

getting joeys fix and or replaced with new joey 4 ( wont be paying for the upgrades either)

If dish say no to this i was told by dad to cancel them. which I will do just so i dont have to deal with this anymore. SirusXM is bout only thin on dish care about at this point, any thing and everything i watch i can watch online. and free for most part. and sirusxm i can just stream online.

Love dish but prices are getting ridiculously i drop pakakage that watched to keep bills at set point just for bill to be raise.
There is the Dish55 which is a higher level of Dish Protect and a free PPV each month, but no specific discount for the service itself. You won't ever see a perm discount since the pricing goes up because of the networks, not Dish's want to raise those rates.

Best option is to see if the preferred customer offer is available (gets them 3 yrs of locked in rates plus a discount).
On equip, only way you get Joey4 is if you also do the Hopper Plus upgrade, not super likely to get that done w/o some costs, however retention has been able to play a bit more with those costs since March.
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will see, but hws and h3 and all upgrades i done since have VIP box where give to us for free.

and will see last time they "tried" to get to sign contract, all the plans they could give would result paying more. which why i keep doing manual discounts evey 3-12 months depending on the discount
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Well the upside to that 2 year commit, 3yrs of discount and the price lock. I would say fair swap. Way better than calling every 3-12 mo and burning up my time that is better spent elsewhere.
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