setting dual LNBF's ?


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May 20, 2008
Setting is PLUS 4 degrees but WHAT IS AND HOW DOES THE the Polarity for the separate LNBF's , this is a dual set up, determined ? Tulsa is the location.
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Set each LNBF with the centering line on the top of the LNBF aligned with the arrow on the top of the dual LNBF clamp and slide the white face of the LNBF towards the reflect 3/4".

Standing in front of the dish, rotate the dual LNBF clamp to the left (counter-clockwise) so the pointer is aimed on the edge of the first mark (+4 degrees). Lock down this skew setting of the dual LNBF bracket.

The polarity of the LNBF is electronically controlled by the receiver. The receiver will send 13Vdc for vertical channels and 18Vdc for horizontal. A DiSEqC #1 command for AMC4 channels and DiSEqC command #2 for Galaxy25 channels.

You do not need to worry about setting the switching in the menus as the receiver is preprogrammed.
Most definitively clear and explicit, TK YOU !:):)

Will be using Super Buddy to align with , and just upgrade to newest software this afternoon.

So, do I , align up on AMC4 or G 25 , or since the Super Buddy has dual Lnbf's for Glorystar as a selection, is the line up on both at the same time ?
Pages 36 and 37 of the Glorystar Install Guide are written for professional installers and will give the quick overview of the install process. Might be good reading material if you don't care to review the entire install guide.

Both LNBFs will be aligned and balanced. Usually LNBF1 for AMC4 first then LNBF2 for Galaxy25.

Make sure that the receiver (or satellite meter) is powered OFF (master or unplugged) before attaching or removing the DiSEqC switch. Failure to have the electronics powered down during connection or removal will damage the DiSEqC!
Are the Glorystar systems hard to install? Are they anymore difficult than what the 105 SuperDishes were in getting a signal?

Can you use a SuperDish 105 FSS lnb to pickup Glorystar?

I have 12 new SuperDishes in the box (already sold the DP-34 switches) and would like to find a use for these dishes. I also have several used ones.

I thought about dedicating each SuperDish to each satellite for a strong signal after seeing a customer have a pegged 125 signal on the 119 transponders on a SuperDish after he had the upgrade kit put on. I know that 119 is what the dish is centered on so of course it will have the strongest signal.
Got the whole manual now tks . Dish was already assembled before I, was contacted. Will start with square one tomorrow. tks again.

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