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Apr 15, 2006
South Carolina
Today on my 622, not my other boxes, just the 622. I get this annoying message at 5 mins. after the top of the hour, every hour that tells me my smart card is expired to call a number, the number takes me to dish cust. serv. where the csr doesn't have a clue. I haven't got my new cards yet, but why is this message appearing over and over, its not my fault I haven't got the cards...any input?

Does this mean I am about to get new cards?

I couldn't find the answer to my questions in any of the threads I searched, if it has been answered, then refer to a link and post number and not that post with 9 or so pages about smart cards, thanks, irritated at dish here!
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Nov 9, 2008
Kingwood, TX
It sounds like you are due to get a new smart card. It is odd, though somehow I am not surprised, that the Dish CSR did not tell you to get a new smart card.

Here is a quote from Dish's website about the new smart cards.

"DISH Network is sending new smart cards to our subscribers over the next several months. Some newer model receivers may not require an update, but if you have a receiver that will need a new smart card it will be mailed to you within the next few months. If you are getting messages on your TV stating you need to replace your smart cards please call us at 1-888-230-7836. If you are not getting these on-screen messages, you do not need to replace your smart cards at this time."

Try calling that number and tell them that your receiver is telling you that it needs a new smart card. Unfortunately you may have to play CSR Roulette before you can get one who knows what the problem is.
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Nov 2, 2006
most of them know what it is
make sure to let the ivr know ur calling for trouble shooting, alot of times if cust just presses random number gets trasfered to india and they can do billing and other stuff but cant really help u much
they should disable that msg and create an order for a new smart card that will take a month for you to get, but they will disable that msg
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