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  1. I didn't know who she was until The Orville. :) Her otherwise breathtaking perfection is marred by that damn mole between the eyes, which kept me distracted on every closeup. One wonders why doesn't she get that darn thing removed?
  3. Maybe she's Indian, and it saves time from putting one on with makeup? LOL
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  4. Ok, now I'm impressed. The final adjusted ratings came in for the premiere of The Orville.

    We're talking 8.6 million viewers and a 2.8 in the demo. That... is impressive... :glasses
  5. I enjoyed it. Some of the jokes were cringe-worthy but I guess that's just MacFarlane style.
  6. A word to the wise if your going to DVR this I would edit your timer and add 90 minutes end time, its on right after football [over time ect] might save you some disappointment.:D
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  7. Looks like episode three will be aired on Thursday 9/21. FX is rebroadcasting 1 & 2 on Saturday 9/23.
  8. I liked it, and I'm going to watch it until the bitter end, if that comes.

    That is, IF Fox doesn't screw with it too much. They certainly don't have a good track record with sci-fi programs.
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  9. I love this show, it was just serious enough to be interesting with great comedy throughout. Very well done and I hope it continues down the same road in the future. No political BS so far and I hope it stays that way. Too many shows are adding their political opinions into their shows and it is really ticking me off. Quit ruining good shows with your stupid politics..........just saying :)
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  10. I rewatched this on the FoxNow App. I missed more than I thought of the first episode. I'll just say I enjoyed it better given the scenes I missed.
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  11. OK. That was pretty funny.

  12. The one thing I don't like about football... always interfering with the timers... thank goodness for PTAT.
  13. Of course, the plot holes are big enough to have gravity wells, but keep it coming. I just wonder if each opening sequence is going to clone/mock/parody all the "Star Trek" show openings or they'll stick with the "Voyager" theme from this episode.
  14. Watched episode 2 last night. The comedy, while scaled back a lot, was still there, but didn't seem to detract as much from the drama.

    All in all, a good and very enjoyable episode.
  15. This show is going to make it. No politics, solid old time Star Trek type science fiction. Episode 2 was solid .
  16. The show's already a hit and FOX isn't being shameless about it, advertising that over 16 million people tuned in over the past week to watch the first episode. In fact, last night for the second episode, many people (myself included) were anxiously waiting for football to finish so we could finally watch the show. You couldn't believe how many comments were posted online by people complaining how the final 14 minutes of football pushed back The Orville by nearly 50 minutes. The good news though is that the entire episode did air and FOX is repeating it this Saturday night (Sept. 23) on its sister channel FX.

    CBS and Moonves must be quaking in their boots. What did they spend? $8.5 million per episode on Discovery, and pretty much 90% of Trek fans are ticked off by what they've seen so far. Guess the Trek crowd migrated to Orville lol. Someone needs to teach Moonves that he shouldn't have fired Fuller and started micro-managing Discovery to appeal to the 18-29 demo.

    By the way, I just watched a video online comparing the show to Discovery. There's a rumor that Orville was actually pitched to CBS by MacFarlane and Braga years ago, but as usual, Moonves turned it down. So instead, Seth went to FOX instead, since he had an existing relationship with them through Family Guy and his other projects, and their response was "So basically it's Star Trek except without the name, right? Let's do it." Now that's a positive attitude right there.
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  17. Mine was only pushed back after Fox aired the Dallas/Denver game which was delayed due to lightning. They didn't even finish airing that game in my area due to "Contractual Obligations" I ended up extending my timer and setting the 8:00 p.m. re-airing as a back-up.

  18. RE: ST:Discovery. Everything I have read about it says "failure". Supposedly full of political preaching, yet more deviation from established ST "canon", and in a totally unproven pay TV model that will be hacked to death.
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  19. I'm not paying 7.99 a month to watch it. Maybe when they have all aired, not sure how CBS is doing it, I'll sign up for the free 7 day trial and binge watch it. In the meantime, I will keep watching the Orville.

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  20. I watched about 20 minutes of it because my TIVO said it was the Simpsons.

    At first I thought it was a new Star Trek but turned it off when I realized it was a rip off of Star Trek.

    I do give them credit for using bright lighting. Star Trek in general is not brightly lit and is hard to see
  21. I have to add something here, because it needs to be mentioned.

    Starting with Episode 2, you’ll notice that we actually get an opening theme song and credits for The Orville. Most of the post-2009 sci-fi shows (starting with Stargate Universe and onwards) just display the title of the show for 5 seconds and then immediately cut to commercial. There was a time when every sci-fi series had at least a 30-second opening sequence of orchestrated music at the beginning of each episode (more often than not it was up to 60 seconds), just like what The Orville is doing. This is one more reason I love watching The Orville. It brings back everything that used to be great about sci-fi, before networks and producers started ruining the genre with dark and gloomy sci-fi programs. Seth needs to be commended for bringing back this style of sci-fi, which most people want, and are unfortunately not going to get with Star Trek Discovery.
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