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Way to kill your series. IMO, I think Fox was going to kill the series, and they "allowed" Seth to move it to Hulu.
It's dead. Waiting until December 2020 for a 3rd season, then to add insult to injury, locking it behind a paywall too. People will forget all about it by that time, and only those who already continuously subscribe to Hulu every single month will know about it (I'm not one of them).

You'd have thought Seth would've paid attention to what happened with Discovery and the failing All Access debacle, and saw that the success he had with Orville on an actual broadcast network proved he shouldn't move it to an SVOD-only service like Hulu. Oh well, his loss, and ours too, because the numbers won't be anywhere near as high as what FOX got.

Third season will be the show's last.
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It's mind boggling how studios screw up star trek. They just had to keep doing weird moclan sex stuff and shoving broken metaphors down our throats. Oh well.