Thinking of going w. DISH for some HD


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Nov 11, 2003
It looks like we've permanently lost a few of BEV's HD channels when they switched some feeds to an alternate sat. That sat. is at the same position but its foot print doesn't reach to S.F.
Some questions:
1. We have been using Comcast's HD DVR because BEV didn't have one until 6 months ago. It appears both D* and DISH will not carry any PBS channels. Is that correct? Ironic since the Canadian BEV system carries 2 PBS HD channels!
2. Besides having to keep Comcast for PBS, we would need it for the Fox Sports HD channel - which is only on cable and carries lots of A's (and Giants for those "other" fans) games.
3. SF has two O&O network outlets. Can I get the HD feeds from NY for those 2 stations? A related question - if I give a NYC address, would I get all the local HD feeds from NYC? (Having had BEV for 4+ years like the idea of out of town stations. altho I'll miss stations like the BBC that no U.S. system has. BEV also has 4 HD PPV feeds of recent movies, WGN HD, and others.) If you didn't count the recent VOOM channels that were added, BEV carries more HD than any system in N. America.
4. I have read many posts on this and other forums that HD quality on DISH is rather poor on many channels, especially the VOOM channels. On what channels can I expect real HD quality? I am somewhat spoiled since Comcast does deliver good PQ on virtually every HD channel they do carry. BEV is almost as good. (I gather D* also has poor HD quality on many channels.)
5. Besides the "VOOM" channels, what HD does DISH offer that D* doesn't - and vice versa? Maybe I read the list wrong, but it appears DISH doesn't offer any of the premium HD except for HBO and SHO?

Thanks on any input folks here can provide. It appears that D* isn't an option since DISH does seem to be planning to add some national HD whereas D* said at CES they were only going to add LIL HD for the rest of 06, altho I think they did add something after that.

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Feb 10, 2005
If you do decide to go with DISH, let me know and before you call to order service, I can, as a Club Dish member give you a referral code that will allow you "Free Professional Installation" or a credit of $49 on the install.

The threads on this forum should answer most of your questions or someone will address them in a reply.

Please "PM" PPrivate message me for a referral code before you call to order.



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Dec 18, 2003
Except for OTA, Dish has good HD picture, I had Medicom HD for a short while and it was watered down a bunch.

The 622 is a nice DVR and beats the socks off the crappy motorola DVR's, they still have a few bugs, but they will get that corrected in next few months.

New customer signup with DVR for $299.00, then get $100 back over next 10 months.


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Sep 8, 2003
The NYC locals are on the 61.5 sat with a National footprint, if you can see that from your location. You must have a NYC address to receive them. The HD feed is not authorized for distant locals.

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