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Mar 30, 2006
I have 21.0 and a 6.2 remotes that I would like both to control TV2. When I program the 21.0 to control TV2 it works but the 6.2 will not work and when I program the 6.2 it works but the 21.0 no longer works. How can I get both to work.
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Jan 8, 2008
Bozeman, MT
Not exactly sure, but I think the 6.2 operates on pro band A. By default, I believe the 21.0 is on pro band B. Open the battery cover and there should be a little switch to put the 21.0 into pro band A mode. Just a shot in the dark from my memory. :)


Feb 23, 2009
St Louis metro east
both TV2 remotes need to be set to the same secondary remote address. press menu twice on the remote to bring up the system info screen and make note of the secondary remote address. now set the remote that is not working to this address as follows. press and hold the SAT button untill it flashes. then enter the number of the secondary remote address number (1-16). then press #. Now both remotes should be set to the same address and should work.


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Supporting Founder
Sep 7, 2003
The 21.0 remote uses BAND B for even addresses and BAND A for odd addresses so you need to make sure you set the 6.2 for the correct band also.
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