Uninstalling McAfee Anti Virus

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Sep 9, 2003
I cannot seem to uninstall this product using its uninstaller or the Windows uninstaller. Does anyone know how to get rid of it manually. Interestingly I have tried deleting registry keys using The Advances System oiptimizer product but somehow they continue to reappear.
I went through this with a friends computer a few weeks ago. I wanted to uninstall the old McAfee so I could install a newer version. The old version didn't even show up in the "add remove programs" area. I tried everything.

How I got rid of it was to contact McAfee and talk to a tech online. He gave me the instructions to get rid of the old program. What it consisted of was going into the registry and following his careful instructions, (which I printed out) removing anything that anything to do with McAfee. It took a while but it worked perfectly.

Whatever you do, don't just go in and try this without the instructions as you could really screw up your computer.

BTW, The new McAfee program I installed shows up in the "Add remove Program" section and could easily be removed. Good luck
I have contacted them repweatedly by email. They send me coupons for other products. Do you have a contact number or could you forward instructions?
Go here.


This is the correct address but if it doesn't connect you just try going to McAfee support.

then click on technical support. Go through the 3 step process. Ask to connect to a tech.

This can take a while. It will tell you how many are in front of you. Just be patient.

Be prepared to tell them what version is installed on your computer and that you can't get rid of it.
There were fairly detailed instructions I found after following RJS' link. Thanks very much.

Unfotunately I cannot delete the registry keys associated with NEtwork Associates. But at least boot up is much faster.
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