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Jul 24, 2005
I called to get upgraded to HD and they are coming out Tuesday the 23rd to install. I am receiving the 722 dual HD receiver. I was going to wait for the new receiver that is coming out on the 1st of April but I understand it is not a two TV set up. as with the past dual receivers. Now if it comes out and I see it is something that I might actually want. Will it be a pain and expensive to upgrade?

Plus I could not wait to get HD for my new TV. :D


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Dec 16, 2008
Jacksonville, Florida
More than likely you will be getting a 722k. If you want to pick up OTA signal make sure you tell them to bring the tuner module when they call to confirm the appt. This will give you more options when recording and watching shows while recording. I think the OTA module runs about $30.
As far as the new 922, if you were to try and upgrade right away then you will more than likely have to pay full price. If you wait a while then you may get a discounted price for upgrading somewhere down the road.

Your gonna like watching everything in HD once you get it!!

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