Using A Switch For Three Receivers On One Dish??


Jun 23, 2013
Houston, TX
I was informed by Dish that it is possible to use three receivers on one dish if I have a switch in my installation. Is this true? What are the limitations?

I have two 722K recievers.

(TV1) Living Room
(TV2) Master

(TV1) Media
(TV2) Kitchen

Is it possible to use a switch and get HD programming in the Master??


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Mar 14, 2008
Eastern Iowa
No idea which dish I have. Its dark grey with HD written on it.

How does the switch work? So I can watch and record on three DVR independently??

If you have two 722k receivers you should have the correct dish antenna. You can add one more receiver, whether it be a single tuner or another dual tuner like you already have. You will have to run a third cable off of the LNB on the dish to the new receiver.

Are you planning on purchasing this receiver or just doing the upgrade promotion. If you do the upgrade promotion then a tech will install the receiver for you and run the cable but it requires renewing a 24 month commitment.

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