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Aug 30, 2004
Wall Co-axial Jack Outlet Wall Plate

I was on the phone earlier w/ Charter and asked when they come out to install Cable TV, if they could install a wall co-axial jack outlet, instead just drilling a hole in the wall and pulling/pushing the wire through.
1. Did I get the name of the thing I'm talking about correct (is there an official name?)?
The lady at Charter first (after asking someone), said they don't do that. Then after I told her they did it for me in the past, she said its up to the technician. PLEASE! help.
2. Has anyone recently had a Charter Cable TV install, and had one I'm inquiring about done?
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In the area I live in, the only way you will get a hole in your wall is if a contractor does the install. Even so, if you ask him to put a wall plate on, he may mumble under his breath, but he should put one on. He will be out maybe a total of 2 minutes. If a company guy comes out, you will never get just a hole in the wall. Thats not even considered an option. Nothing looks more tacky than just a hole in the wall.
Thank-you thank-you for your reply Cableman265. Sorry for the delay. I "gave up" on checking this thread after no one replied at first.

I'm going to take the info you gave me, and let the installer know. If its an istaller that works for/is from Charter, and he won't put the plate on, then I will have to *send him on is his way. I have to call Charter tomorrow to confirm everything for my Tuesday install.

I told them last time I spoked to them, that I want a wall plate. This time when I speak to them, I'm going to let them know know if they don't plan on doing it, then don't bother coming out [/*send the person on his way]. Thanks again! - Matthew.
Thanks for your advice. The guy put a wall plate on even w/o me mentioning what you said. After I asked, then I told him what you said, he said the installer SHOULD put one on (for you) if he has them available. Thanks again.

Would it not save Dish/Direct space to

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