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Oct 27, 2005
Ok I'd like to upgrade from my 510 dvr to a dual tunner. Right now I have a 510 dvr and two of the regular slim line receivers. What would be the best/cheapest way to get a 625 to replace my 510. I've been told to cancell the service and pick it back up in my wife's name but for soma reason the put both names on the account. Thanks for any help!
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Supporting Founder
Sep 7, 2003
Western WV
They have deals for existing subscribers where you can lease a 625/522 receiver for $99. You could sell your 510 and get more than that out of it. The 625/522 has two tv outputs so this would allow you to watch two different things at the same time in two different rooms and both of those rooms would have DVR functionality. You would save money by not having to pay an additional outlet fee of $4.99 if you keep the phoneline plugged in.

You can also buy them on eBay for around $150-$200 brand new (about the same price as what you can sell your 510 for).
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Supporting Founder
Dec 13, 2004
San Francisco Bay Area
I bought a 625 on eBay for $245.00 brand new. Stargazer is right though, call Dish Network and ask how much it will cost you to add the 625 to your account. I've heard deals for $49 and $99.
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