What is the channel number?


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Sep 28, 2007
Fontana, CA
Just checked and they do not appear on the guide neither of the channels and planet green does not appear either. Do they not appear because I am not subscribed to them (Even though I am in the guide under "All Channels")? Would should be my first step to try to fix this. By the way I did get the lifetime's that came out in HD.


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Nov 10, 2004
Nassau County NY
I wonder why they do not do that with all the rest of the channels that way our guides would not show us the stuff we do not even subscribe to.:(

I wondered that as well. I mean, if we saw ALL the new HBO/SHO, etc. channels we're missing by not subscribing we might be tempted.

Perhaps it's because guide data takes up disk space and they need all the space they can get for the wonderful new TurboHD (especially on the 622s).


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Apr 7, 2008
The state above South Carolina
Just curious..Is it worth it to have Nat'l Geo., VS., Bio, ect. I've noticed a LOT of repeats on a LOT of the HD channels I already have and would hate to upgrade just to get 9 more channels(?) of 50/50 repeats. Smithsonian, for example is a great channel but they repeat a lot of programs. It's funny everyone complained about VOOM having repeats but so do a ton of other channels, and IMO, VOOMS repeats were better. I know, I know, enough about VOOM. This isn't to start that up again. I'm just sayin'.

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