Who has the marine know-how? You need to know “a guy”

If you’ve been enjoying life on the water for a long time, you know it’s important to have “a friend in the business.” You need someone who really knows the nuts and bolts, someone who can get to the bottom of every problem. You need an expert. In fact you probably need more than one. You’ll need to “know a guy” for every aspect of your marine life. You’ll need an “engine guy.” You’ll need a “marine electronics guy.” You’ll probably need half a dozen “guys” (and some of those “guys” may be female) just to feel like you’re ready to travel safely.

Your “entertainment guy”​

Not every moment on the water is going to be spent admiring the sunsets. Not every moment will be spent trimming the sail. There is going to be downtime. Of course there will, because you want to relax. That’s why you got a boat in the first place. And so, you’ll want entertainment. Just like everything else in your marine life, you’ll need “a guy” who can set you up. You’ll need someone you can count on to give you hassle-free service on your schedule.

Your “connection guy”​

It used to be that people went out on the water for a month and you didn’t hear from them. Today we get antsy when people don’t answer our texts in under a minute. The world has changed and your life on the water may have changed too. You may decide you want to go out and unplug, but what if you truly want to stay connected? What if you’re the sort of person who can’t really relax unless you know what’s going on in the world?

Fear not, because a life lived on the waves doesn’t mean a life lived in solitude (unless you want it to.) If you get the right help on shore, you can put in a system that keeps your phone connected much further offshore than you thought possible. You might even opt for a system that gives you surprisingly decent internet speeds even in international water. But in order to get it, you need kt know “a guy.”

Your “spare parts guy”​

This kind of “guy” might be the most helpful of all. Not everyone has a brand new boat, and not everyone can afford to have an engineer who can rig things up. Probably more important, not everyone can afford to upgrade everything when they want. Boating is an expensive hobby and you need to get your money’s worth. That’s why you need “a guy” who has access to practically every spare part imaginable. That kind of “guy” is going to be extremely valuable.

Here’s the “guy” you need​

Believe it or not there’s one place you can go for marine electronics, for entertainment, for connection, and even for a lot of the spare parts that you can’t find anywhere else. That place is Signal Connect, the corporate and marine arm of Signal Group. Signal Group are the folks who keep the lights on here at The Solid Signal Blog, of course.

You’re used to shopping at Solid Signal for the best self-service options. When you’re ready to upgrade to someone who really knows his (or her) stuff, you can count on the team at Signal Connect. No one activates more marine satellite systems and no one knows more about the little things that can go wrong. They’re your team of “guys” who can get the job done and they are ready to take your needs seriously.

And, it’s not just satellite TV. These “guys” can help you with antennas for free TV up to 70 miles from shore, with cellular signal boosters that inexpensively boost the cell signal from land, satellite internet systems to give you the ultimate in connectivity, and even help with strange spare parts like anodes, navigation systems, transducers, and other things that you’ll need in order to enjoy life on the water.

Don’t spend time worrying​

Instead of worrying about where you’ll find “a guy” to do what you need, visit Signal Connect or call 888-233-7563 and you’ll realize that “the guy” you’re looking for is already in your corner! Call us, or if it’s after hours just fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you!

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