why can't rainbow sat be used just for HD



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Oct 24, 2005
I was just having a thought I would like to share. How come Voom was able to deliver a great selection of HD from one sat. Did they ever have any bandwith problems? Why doesn't Dish just offer a large package of HD from the Rainbow Sat. Voom offered their entire lineup from just one sat. What other content does dish have on the rainbow sat.?

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Nov 17, 2003
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Dish is putting HD locals on there too

Rainbow 1 is the odds from 1-23 so thats 11 TP's
Dish 61.5 utilizes odds from 2-24 EXCEPT 4 along with 27, 29, 31
25 & 32 are Sky Angel

looking at Lyngsat
1, 3, 7, 9, 13 are Voom originals
5 is Washington DC HD LIL
11 is Philly HD LIL
15 is INt'l
17 is NYC HD LIL
19 is NYC HD LIL & UHD
21 is Boston HD LIL
23 is regualr dish stuff

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