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Aug 20, 2004
I am an ex sub with D*.I was thinkin of starting my service back.I have talked to 2 CSR supervisor's and they have both told me that if i reactivate the receivers that i have i will be under contract.
They said it does not matter if you are an ex sub,and it does not matter if i own my own equipment.No way around it.
They said this is a new thing with D*,just started this year.
Anyone know anything about this??
I did this yesterday...I called the retention department. they where so happy to get me back that they gave me $5 off a month and HBO & Showtime for $2 a month for 6 months. I only had cable for a month but their dvr was junk (I went through 2 of them), pq was awful...I am happy to be back with D*
telecaster try again...i dont have the number handy but just ask to be transferred to retention (which i realize you technically may have difficulty doing as you arent a sub) maybe you do need that number :)

stuff you already own..absolutely is yours and not leased. You just need to get the right person. Maybe ask for the access card dept. I heard they have the power for lease vs own but the 1st line CSR definitely does not. Heck i just bought from newegg and they made that owned (after a bit of convincing of course)

all i have to do is convince them to change the online bill to owned now (they said leased)
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Thanks for the replys
I will try again.

What about a DVR without contract??If i buy one
DirecTV has been levying a 1 year committment on ALL activations for awhile.

Some have had success in getting CSR to waive, esp before the 3/1/06 changes.

DVR is considered advanced, so 2 year committment on that. They now have an early termination fee, in addition to possible turn in of equipment.

They will also try to turn your owned receivers into leased receivers - you can argue about that if you want.
just say you got the receiver online...they will mark it owned...then check your online bill....and email them and remind them it's owned and they will change that to owned instead of leased
Please reply by conversation.


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