Cable and DirectV Service to the same house

Discussion in 'General CableTV & Satellite Forum' started by whitee, Mar 19, 2007.

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    I live in State College, PA and have Directv service and it works fine. When I had the house built I made sure their were more than enough outlets where I needed them. I have Directv HD service and it also works great. What I wasn't counting on was the poor local channel reception. We have to have a second dish for that and the quality it terrible. Also the local channels here do not broadcast in HD. So when a show on one of the major networks is broadcast in HD we don't get it that way because it has to be recieved on the second and smaller dish. I have Comcast High speed internet already in the house. I called Comcast to have thier basic package and HD package for the major networks installed. I have a line running right to the TV were I need it. It can be connected just like the internet. I was told by Comcast that it was against the law to have both cable and satellite service to the same house. I could not believe it. Have you ever heard of that law?:confused:

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    That is ridiculous. I must be breaking the law then, because I have both. Many have both just to get locals on cable and then satellite for the rest. I would ask Comcast to tell you what law is being broken. It sounds like you spoke with a clueless CSR.
  3. Geronimo

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    There is no such law. at one time there actually was regulation like this but no more. Just tell Comcast to hook you up and leave your dish alone.
  4. Claude Greiner

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    Yea, the law is that they want to scare you into cancelling your Dish and get everthing through Cable.

    Stastically speaking, its not good for the cable or satellite companies to have another competing service provider in the same home because eventually one provider looses out and the customer has the service cancelled! As a dealer we run about a 50% chance of chargeback when the customer keeps cable along with satellite, and its at the point that all my technicians are instructed to call the office before they proceed with an installation so we can figure out what the customer is really trying to do.

    Usually in situations like these the customers will get Dish for lets say the cricket matches, sign a 1 year contract and then in 2 months when the cricket is over will call and cancel and refuse to pay the cancellation fee. Or I remember several years ago we used to have a cable bounty with 1 free receiver, I had customers who had 4 televisions and would get Dish for their main Tv and keep cable for the other 3 televisions because they where too cheap to buy additional boxes. Those types of installs are the ones I refuse to do because the customer never fulfills their contract!

    As long as your willing to foot the bill every month you can have as many accounts with as many different providers as you would like!
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    I have had Dish Network for 7 years.
    I got tired of waiting for my RSN (SportsNet New York) in HD so I got basic digital cable back today.
    I am keeping Dish mainly because I like several of the VoOm channels.
    The guys saw what I was doing and never said anything about I was trying to break any law. Thats crazy.

    I see NBC Nightly News is now in HD. Looks great!
  6. damaged

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    Just goes to show, Concast will do and say anything to get the opportunity to screw a customer out of money.
  7. SatinKzo

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    Df you already have HSI why aren't you getting the basic channels too? Did comcast put a special filter on to stop the very basic channels? I have charter basic and they know that the basic stuff comes through with HSI so they charge a surcharge higher than the cost of subbing to basic cable to get you on the sub list. I have since dropped dish and upgraded my lifeline cable to expanded basic.

    Also, with my lifeline cable, I got all my locals in HD for no additional cost. I just used the QAM capabilites already in some of my devices. When I went from lifeline to expanded basic, they removed the 1 trap I had on my line to stop channels over channel 24 from coming in. The added benefit of the upgrades was even more QAM channels came in.

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