Dish network satellites positioning(degree) for main popularity

Discussion in 'The DISH Forum' started by TELE Frontier, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. TELE Frontier

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    Dear Forks,

    Anybody who volunteer to clarify the main satellite positioning(degree) for main market of Dish network?

    Previously, they were simple like 110 119 129 degree but now it seems complicated.

    But I just want to know it only for main market of Dishnetwork.

    Thanks in advance for your info

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  2. mike123abc

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    There are 2 main sets:

    61.5/72.7/77 for eastern Arc
    110/119/129 for western Arc

    and 118.7 for internationals.

    The satellites themselves are not exactly at those locations, they have small windows around their assigned locations. Often multiple satellites are at the same location, but they are all slightly away from each other with just one of them being closest to on point. The small dishes used cannot see a fine enough point in the sky to tell the difference. Larger dishes (like if you used a 10' dish) would start to see the satellites separately and would have to be aimed.
  3. TNGTony

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    119 is still the main slot for basic Dish network channels in standard definition. 110 is still the home for extended tier SD channels and some basic HD channels. 129 is the main location for most HD channels. All three locations have local channels from different markets.

    72.7° is the home for nearly all SD channels and some HD channels and some locals. 61.5° is the home for many HD channels and many locals. 77° is the home for local channels.

    Other than local channels there is nothing at Eastern Arc that isn't on Western Arc and vice-versa.

    Most International channels are at 118.7°
  4. TELE Frontier

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    How is divided for west and east for dishnet work satellite location? what happen to the people in middle of USA?

    Mike and Tony ! Thanks a lot for detailed information.

    I had better check different LNBs each for east and west of dishnetwork.

    I am just wondering how west and east is divided in USA? what about the cities of the middle part? Which satellites are they using in middle part of USA? still Kind of vague to how to divide them.


    TELE Frontier
  5. Tampa8

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    Go the heading above, (at the top of the page) and go to dishchannelchart. That may help you to see what channels are on what satellite, including for specific cities.
  6. Todd Nicholson

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    Those customers use the arc that they have the best line of sight to.
  7. Laddyboy

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    Markets in the eastern half or so (Kansas) in the U.S. can be on either arc. Some have locals on both arcs. It just depended on what markets the eastern arc satellite spot beams could be used to cover. The spot beam sats on the EA originally were employed elsewhere so it was a marvel they could use them as well as they have in their new locations. New spot beam satellites designed specifically for eastern markets will be in place fairly shortly. In summary, there is no rhyme or reason for western or eastern arc other than whether a spot beam from an EA satellite covered a market. The EA sats are too low to be well seen if you locate too far to the West.

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