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    Purchased new pansat 4500... new 90 cm dish and lnbf.. cant pick up any signal strength using new dish/lnbf to pick up fta ... Hooked up old dish networkdish and circular lnb and can pick up several satelites with good reception and of course scanned tons of scrambled channels .. help give me a starting point why my new dish and linear lnbf cant pick up signals.. set both satelites galaxy thanks
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    danbolen53, I can tell you that you are new to FTA Satellite and that here is a tip for you circular is highpowered that is used for pay per month TV Like Dish Network, Direct TC, Shaw and Bell. Linear is used for true legal FTA satellite and with the linear LNBF is where you will find your fta stations. Do you have a satellite meter, if not get your self one. If you can get on of the old single Direct TV DSS LNBF get one and turn it upside down start between 103W-121W untill you get a signal and start from that point. Geosatfinder is a good site and type in zip and it will tell you Compass heading, Dish elevation and, LNBF Skew for your location. Wish you the best of luck.
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    97W 48N
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    With linear signals, the LNBF must be skewed. When the sat you're aiming for is east of you, the LNBF is twisted, skewed, in the holder clockwise when viewed from the front of the dish. Opposite if the satellite is west of you. Satellite Finder / Dish Pointing Calculator with Google Maps | will be of great help in aiming and shows the amount of skew.
    [TABLE="width: 630"]
    [TD]Latitude: 30.6598°
    Longitude: -93.8953°[/TD]
    Name: 97W GALAXY 19 (G-19)​

    Distance: 36835km[/TD]
    [TD]Elevation: 54.1°
    Azimuth (true): 186.0°
    Azimuth (magn.): 183.8°
    LNB Skew [?]: 5.2°

    LNB L.O. settings in receiver must match the specs of the LNBF. Watch an active TP to peak Q. TheList! Program a couple in, if not there already. Without knowing which LNBF you have, specifics are impossible.
    Make any dish adjustment small, and wait a few seconds for it to "Hook Up" and display Q. as their's usually a delay before readings stabilize.
    NOTE: the dishpointer coordinates above are only based on your sig, location, so are only "near" and not "exact". Happy satellite hunting.
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