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Discussion in 'Computer and Electronic GadgetsZone' started by Tecmo SB Guy, Nov 13, 2013.

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    Quick computer hardware question here.

    Are power cords for computer monitors interchangeable?

    I just got a new computer monitor but the power cord that comes with it runs tight on my setup. My old broken monitor has a longer power cord. (They're both the 3-prong cord.) Can I use that instead?

    Is it safe?

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  2. ts7

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    If you are referring to the AC power cord, then typically there would be no issues reusing the old power cord if the plug fits. However some monitors use an external power supply (sometimes referred to as a power brick or wall wart) in which case you would need to make sure the voltage, current, polarity and size all matched. It doesn't sound like that is the case here though.
  3. avg1joe

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    Assuming we're all talking about the same cord, (3 prong male that goes into the outlet on one end, 3 prong female on the other) as ts7 said, the answer is yes. Computer monitors, lcd tvs, and desktop computers all typically use this same cord. If the cord looks more like a laptop adapter then that's a different story.

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