Remote Code for LG LSB 316 Sound Bar with wireless Subwoofer

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    Recently purchased LG TV and LG LSB316 Sound Bar; Time Warner Cable left remote codes for UR5U-878OL remote control in printed form. Under heading AUX-Audio there is no LG product listed and hence no remote code. Like wise under the heading AUX-Home Theatre. The set top box is manufactured by Cisco (Explorer 4640DC). I have searched the LG website, Cisco Websie and Time Warner website and have found no code. I emailed Time Warner support and they suggested I go to the Time Warner site and search the electronic version of remote control codes (no luck) or seek help from this forum. Any ideas would most certainly be appreciated.

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    Solution to the problem (If not already discovered)

    Okay so I have the same sound bar and issue. I tried searching for a solution and got know where if customer service from any of the businesses mentioned. My solution does not make all actions work on sound bar but you can use the volume. The solution was simple:

    1) Connect your cable remote to the tv so you can use the tv audio.

    2) Connect an audio cord to your tv's audio output. Do Not use a digital audio cord because this will not work. You need a simple Stereo Audio cord which is 7.99 at Best Buy.

    3)Connect the other end of this cord to your sound bar.

    4) Now you need to go to your tv menu and modify the audio. For me I go to these options: Menu-> System Options-> Input Terminal Settings-> Output Select-> Variable.

    5) Change the sound bar to "Portable"

    6) Now have your Sound bar turned up and keep on.

    7) You can now use the cable remote to control the audio on the sound bar, but it is running threw the tv.

    This is an old post but I just got cable today so better late then never!! :)
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