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SKY digital / Sky TV in the USA

Discussion in 'General CableTV & Satellite Forum' started by Suspect, Sep 9, 2004.

  1. Suspect

    Suspect Thread Starter New Member

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    Dear Satellite Guys:

    I have recently returned from the UK and got a chance to taste UK TV. I'm infatuated and wanted to indulge in this luxury here in the US. Is it possible to receive UK satellite TV in the US? (more specifically: Sky Digital Satellite TV) or perhaps TELEWEST, which I know is a US compnay that services in the UK.

    Much appreciated

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  2. ramcm7

    ramcm7 Member

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    To the best of my knowledge, a good line of sight to the satellites providing those services is not feasible from the US. Even if it were, there are probably legal issues about programming rights for different countries. (See numerous issues of Canadians illegally receiving US satellite signals - forbidden by Canadian law and American residents receiving Canadian satellite signals - not strictly forbidden for US residents to receive, but illegal for Canadian comapnies to sell to US residents.)

    As a cricket and rugby enthusiast, I, too, would love to have BSkyB available.
  3. Cascade

    Cascade Goose. Supporting Founder

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    The closest you'll get is BBC America on Dish and 3 or 4 BBC channels on Bell.
    I'd give my right arm to see some programming from back home instead of the....
    I won't say it.
  4. rtt2

    rtt2 Supporting Founder Supporting Founder

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    I think I heard SKY News was in the clear on some bird I am not sure if it was C-Band or MPEG2.
  5. PSB

    PSB On vacation

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    Its just not fair, I am installing systems for people everyday from every corner of the earth who can pick up TV from their homeland, but the Brits, Americas closest friend get zippo! BBCAmerica is the best we have and it stinks! We need real live TV from the UK, the BBC online has a few TV shows to watch live mainly news.

    A few months ago I picked up an ITV feed on my FTA system being beamed back to the UK, it lasted about 5 hours and had all the UK TV adverts included so it can be easily done but red tape seems to be the issue.
    I am sure there is some more UK TV on the way, its only a matter of time I hear until Sky News International makes it on to DirecTV : )

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