Your receivre isn't authorized to record this program

Discussion in 'The DIRECTV Forum' started by MacDawg, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. MacDawg

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    Anybody else getting the above message on their screen on channel 662, STO?

    It will not let me record this program. First time I ever got this. Strange. The program is All Bets Are Off.

    And yes my bill is paid thank you. :)

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  2. raoul5788

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    That is strange. I have never heard of this before. Have you tried calling Directv? Oh, and don't thank me, I didn't pay your bill! Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!
  3. Bumpy Gocart

    Bumpy Gocart New Member

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    With PVR's that can control what you're allowed to record and what you can't, it's no wonder some of us old dinosaurs are still using VCR's, lol. No copyright controls on them. Picture quality isn't as good, true, but if you get the channel, you're good to go.
    Your situation is probably a flukie chip, but I have heard (I don't have one so don't know from personal experience) of PVR's not recording programs because of copyrighting and data in the stream preventing recording. Doesn't seem to matter than you have a life that prevents you from watching each and every program you want to see as it airs.....
    And that you're actually paying for it....

    When the powers that be have so much control over you, it's time for them to fade away....
    Ok, rant over...
  4. yorktown

    yorktown New Member

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    Nice rambling, but it's probably just a glitch of some kind. I've had TiVo DVRs and DIRECTV DVRs for years and years and years and I've never once been unable to record a program due to copyright issues.

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