Contacting DIRT for Help

Getting Help from DIRT

Dish Network has blessed us with the DISH INTERNET RESPONSE TEAM (or DIRT for short) to help SatelliteGuys members out wiht their DISH issues. Dealing with DIRT is a lot better then calling in to DISH for help and features some of DISH's best CSR's!

The DIRT team pops in to SatelliteGuys numerous times throughout the day looking to help our members with their DISH account issues they may have.

Before contacting DIRT we ask that you search and make sure your issue isn't already discussed and a solution posted.

If your issue is a non account related issue, chances very good are you can next to instant help from other SatelliteGuys members by posting a new thread in our DISH Network forum!

If you have searched or posted and did not get a solution which helps you then please contact DIRT for assistance!

The DIRT team can be contacted in two ways...

1) On the main Forums listing page you will see a box labeled "HELPERS ONLINE NOW" if any DIRT members are online they will be there listed in RED color.
If a DIRT Team Member is online click on their username, a box will pop up. Click on "Start a Conversation"
Now tell them what your issue is in a message and click the "Start a Conversation Button" your message will be sent to them, and usually you get a reply in just a few minutes.

2) If there are no DIRT members online you are welcome to start a new thread in our DISH Network support forum by CLICKING HERE.

When posting a new thread give it a title of something that will catch DIRT's eye like "Attn Dirt, I need help!" and explain your issue there. However remember when you do this your post will be seen by all SatelliteGuys members, so do not include private information such as account numbers, phone numbers etc.

Also please be kind after a DIRT member helps you make sure you thank them in your conversation or in your thread that you started. This lets others know you got the help you were looking for!

Thanks for being part of the SatelliteGuys Family!