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    Letter from Dish - Urgent Action Required

    I received letter today "Interuption of your HD programming..blah..blah" if I don't let technician to come over and fix something. I live in Alaska and have DPP44 switch and antennas pointed to 110, 118, 119 and 129. Does anyone know if I really need to do something? I have done self repair and...
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    VIP612 creates DNS traffic

    Ok so I asked Dish about this and here is first reply: Thank you for taking the time to contact us. Reaching out to that domain is by design and we are researching the volume of traffic to determine if that too is by design. Once we have the results of the test I will contact you via...
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    Dish Panel and what I can do with it?

    On my Vip612 if I press Dish button and go to Services tab (1) there is a Dish Panel option (interactive application loading) that takes you to page to enter some ID information for what? Where is information I should enter and what is that feature anyway and how to use it?
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    3D Comes To DISH Network

    I still waiting for "3-D standard" before I buy 3D TV. I don't need another Beta/VHS drama now...
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    Spyware infection on my computer. Some Dish online retailer is up to no good!

    Almost looks like your Windows hosts file has been altered. It works like a DNS server and can direct you to wrong website even if you type correct address to address bar. You can check that file yourself. More info below... Hosts (file) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    I got a Christmas present from Dish!

    Preach it brother...
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    DISH Network statement on Net Neutrality

    As a content provider and system operator myself I worry that when government gets involved in regulating Internet they may as well control what content you can have and who can register and lease domain names. This has been going on in Europe for long time and we Americans have enjoyed freedom...
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    DISH Network statement on Net Neutrality

    FCC controlled Internet? Sounds very exciting.....hmmmm...NO THANKS!!
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    My 612 gets REALLY laggy when changing channels.

    Same problem here after firmware update. *Sigh* it was working so fine... Also I noticed today advertising in program guide channel lines. WTF?
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    Samsung tv problems???

    Same here. Samsung is number uno! :)
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    8/18/2010 3:36pm - Uplink Activity Report - 93 changes

    I'd say POTENTIAL customers, who knows number of actual subscribers. Population; Hawaii 1,200,000 Alaska 698,000 Puerto Rico 4,000,000.
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    8/18/2010 3:36pm - Uplink Activity Report - 93 changes

    There is one limitation. Normal equipment installed here is two 2.5ft antennas; one pointing to 110 and other with two LNBs 119/129. This setup is NOT 6ft antenna system as I have and you need that to get 129 conus. HD on 129 is delivered to Alaska in spotbeam. My point is why not sell service...
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    8/18/2010 3:36pm - Uplink Activity Report - 93 changes

    Have you called Dish and requested Platinum HD? I called they said they cannot give it to me because I live in AK. However, I have been able to watch free previews with 6ft antenna. Does not make sense.