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    Dish says "Yes"

    I was faced with the same dilemma and kept threatening to leave E*. Well, before the start of this season, being totally fed up and unwilling to listen to any more of Charlie's empty promises about all sorts of things and tired of balky hardware I finally said enough is enough and switched to...
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    CAMC errors, DirecTV System Failure Update

    Hey, you stole my baby picture!! :mad::eek:;):p Wot's up widat?????
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    Time To Switch To D* (I Guess)

    HDMI? Big deal. It doesn't do much good if your TV doesn't have speakers, does it? (My PDP does not) You'll need an HT Receiver with an HDMI input or you'll still be using your Digital audio connection (Toslink or coaxial) for surround 5.1 or 7.1 (or other audio connectors) I run HDMI w/DVI...
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    Information on WorldDirect - International Channels

    Why do you ask, Andrzej? :):D
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    New Customer deals

    Not too bad! Sounds like you came out ahead. <G> Re: avatar. Hehehehe. I guess I'm not as cute as I was as a baby. :eek: I'll post a recap of my experience....when I get a little time. BTW: With 3 new HD receivers less than 2 weeks old, I'm glad (I hope?) that D* will be taking care of...
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    hd/ tivo/dvr/ mpeg 2 or 4 whining has to stop

    So, Mr Luzzi, according to you the 3 HD receivers that I purchased 2 weeks ago will have limited functionality vis-a-vis HD in a short time and I should pay even more than the already high amount that I just invested to be able to view HD. Would you then suggest that I exercise my 30 day right...
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    New Customer deals

    Hey Robert, How did you do at the craps tables in Vegas <G> ;) BTW, finally got everything straightened out w/my step dad's install in Florida. Thanks for your help! Andy
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    Holiday Party Details and Prize Lists!

    How about a nice selection of ales, Sean? Tis the season, y'know. Can't just have lagers. @party@party
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    Just got DirecTV set up, REAL BIG PROBLEM!! HELP!

    Hehehehe, That's the funniest thing I've heard all day :) You certainly do have a way with words :D Thanks for the chuckle!!
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    YES Network

    I'm coming to grips with that belief. If D*'s HD promises come to fruition then I believe that I am also going to wave E* good bye. Then, the question will become, "When will Yes Network be in HD?" :confused: :confused: :rolleyes:
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    OTA digital channels disappear?

    Happened to me tonight. I went into my Favorites and saw that they were unchecked. I simply added them back and so far so good. A bit less hassle than rescanning but a PIA nonetheless. After months of relatively painless operation my 811 has started to act a bit flaky the past few nights...
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    Scott has 2 for Many on the HD!! Where are the rest?

    Didn't Pootie Tang do a cover of that song recently?????? :confused:;):p
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    dish hd announcement?

    That's fortunate since they were given quite a mouthful ;) Tripe is also quite popular in Italy and Poland and I think, much of Europe.
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    dish hd announcement?

    Actually, I think it'll be rooted in reality just a tad more than last week's tripe fest was.
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    New software

    Any change in the low audio output levels? I almost blew my brains out the other day when switching from a Dish music channel to another input on my audio receiver. As you can see, my ears are very sensitive to sound <G>