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    Does my antenna require grounding?

    Similar to this thread, I've gotten conflicting opinions on whether I should/am required to ground the structure the antenna is connected to. Does the structure I attach the antenna to make a difference? (i.e. a mast vs attaching it to something else)
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    Does my antenna require grounding?

    Hello all, Thinking about buying the below antenna, appears to have good reviews, decent modern look, easy to install. Would you guys recommend grounding it? Or does it not require it? Or does it depend? DINOVA BOSS MIX antenna Thanks in advance!
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    Does an outdoor OTA antenna (no dish) require a hopper?

    As the title suggests, I'm a little confused on whether or not an outdoor OTA antenna would need to connect to a hopper to broadcast channels on my television - I do not have and am not interested in satellite television. Would it matter if I wanted to have it available on two different...
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    Chat with an experienced DISH Installation Pro

    Hello, If anyone here is or recently was a DISH network installation pro, could I chat with you for 10-20 minutes about aspects of your job? Willing to pay for your time, of course. For context, I want to understand the installation process, dish/hoppers/joeys/etc. And how jobs length could...