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    VOIP Devices

    Ooma here also.
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    Roku 3 won't restart

    Finally got it going. Had to do a hard reset which is tough when your reset button has broken off.
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    Roku 3 won't restart

    Is anyone else having trouble with their Roku? My wife was having issue with Netflix so she unplugged the Roku to reset it. Now it is stuck at the dancing Roku logo. The Roku is dancing but not moving beyond that point.
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    Programming ideas on ROKU without Netflix etc

    With the free version of Plex configured between the roku and my laptop I can watch the last few episodes of shows on nbc, cbs, cw and some other networks.
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    Is my ROKU obsolete?

    I had the 2 and upgraded to the 3. The 3 is a little faster but I wouldn't call the 2 obsolete.
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    Reasonably priced Laptop

    Look at refurbished laptops if you want windows 7.
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    Trouble with Firefox

    Do you use the Adblock plus addon? It is available for both browsers but it is much more effective in Firefox. Give it a test run with some of the pages you go to often. Try each browser without Adblock. Then try each browser with Adblock. I did this a long time ago and reported my results...
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    Trouble with Firefox

    This worked for me: With Firefox fully closed, you can hold down the Shift key when starting Firefox. A small dialog should appear. Click "Start in Safe Mode" (not Reset). If Firefox is visible, go ahead and disable Firefox's use of hardware acceleration as a workaround for a possible graphics...
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    Trouble with Firefox

    I set up firefox for the first time on a samsung laptop running Windows 7 at work yesterday. I experienced the same black window as you. I'm not sure what happened but it cleared its self up after a few minutes unexpectedly. I went home a few minutes later so I didn't have a chance to tinker...
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    I've tried a bunch of stuff over the years. Roku with Netflix and Plex provides me with plenty of content and you don't need to dedicate a computer to it. Plex runs unobtrusively in the background on my laptop feeding content to the Roku while I use the laptop to check facebook or play simple...
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    Roku 3 audio deep or high pitched

    Thanks Dan. I'll give that a try.
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    Roku 3 audio deep or high pitched

    Every now and then this issue still pops up. I'm skeptical that deleting and reinstalling a channel would solve the problem because if it is happening on Netflix it is also happening on Plex and vice versa until I unplug the unit and reboot it.
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    Where is my Plex Queue?

    I had a roku 2. On my computer I could click on "plex it" on a webpage with a video. This would capture the video and I could then watch it on my roku 2 by finding it in my queue. I upgraded to a roku3. Where is my queue? I don't see it. I don't see a video after I capture it.
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    Roku 3 audio deep or high pitched

    Thank you for all the advice. It hasn't acted up since I the first post.
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    Roku 3 audio deep or high pitched

    It is wifi. Using a cable isn't practical the way our house is laid out.