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    Scammer using Dish phone number

    I got a call today from someone claiming to be with Dish. The reason I answered was the caller ID said "Dish 800-333-3474". That's the phone number on the Dish website. First the guy said he needed to schedule a tech visit for some sort of upgrade (or maybe point the dish at a new satellite, I...
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    Being charged programming change fee 5 times

    Yeah, the duplicate charges appear every time. I think I know what's happening. When I change from Everything Pak to Smart Pak the 4 movie packages remain checked and I have to uncheck them. Then before the submit page I'm offered all 4 packages for 6 months at half off. I suspect the glitch...
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    Being charged programming change fee 5 times

    I am about to downgrade from America's Everything Pak to the Smart Pak and on the final page where you submit changes I noticed I was being charged the $5 programming change fee 5 times. Does anyone have an explanation for this or is it simply an error? I've attached a screenshot. Thanks!
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    Welcome New Members! (Please Say HI here!)

    Hello, everyone. I'm here to know the second I need to reset my Dish receiver for the latest national HD channels. :D