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    No signal

    I have the LNB set up. The receiver I am having issues with is the HR24 dvr, the other two are HR20s non DVR. Would I be better off calling customer service? I haven't been bothered by it because I have been busy the past few weeks, but tonight I have some downtime and wanted to watch the...
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    No signal

    So for the past two weeks or so my main HD tv in the living room has been receiving the blue screen along with "no signal" after a few minutes of watching tv. It will go out for a few minutes, sometimes longer and then go back to normal programming. I have done all the normal stuff, reset...
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    Another installation question

    I am a new customer getting set up for services on Sept 2nd. A few questions. 1. Is it normal to tip the installer? If so, whats an appropriate amount? 2. In regards to NFL Sunday Ticket. I am moving out of the viewing area of my favorite NFL team (SKOL VIKINGS) and I was wondering if a guy...
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    Install question (new customer)

    I am moving at the beginning of September and am thinking about getting DirectTV. I assume that is D*? Sorry, new here and just started reading the forums today. I have a few questions. I will be renting a townhome. I have filled out a satellite installation request for the landlord to sign...