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    Enter to Win a HopperGO!

    I would like to win a HopperGO! June the 2nd is my birthday
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    Hopper 3 Beta Test Opportunity

    I am interested
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    Satellite AV Contest - GEOSATpro microHD - Enter to Win - Drawing on 6/11/2012

    My favorite summer time memory was spending a week each summer with my Grand mom. She lived on a farm in Alabama. Great times there with my brother. :)
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    FREE GIVEAWAY : LEXIUM FastAlign 7100Pro satellite meter with AutoFind Technology - Enter To Win Now

    I want to win the all new FastAlign 7100Pro signal meter with AutoFind technology exclusively from LEXIUM "
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    722k going to "Partial Signal Loss" at random

    I am having this problem with my 722. It is to the point that I can not watch anything on any channel without this problem popping up. I have to change the channel back and forth to fix it. I think it is time to change to another provider.
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    Enter To Win a BOXEE BOX by DLINK!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!
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    Is there a way I can get out of my 6 month old contract with Disk besides paying a large fee. I watch FX a lot and I want it back. If Dish takes this channel away are they not braking their contract with me?:mad:
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    CONTEST - Enter to Win: GEOSATpro DVR1100c w/15GB HDD, 90cm Dish - Complete System

    Getting in the combine and harvesting my crops is always my favorite time of the year.:)
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    Home page

    404 - Whoops Page Not Found This is what shows in my address bar when I go to the home page. Is that right? Have I got a virus that is taking over what I had set as my start page?
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    Home page or if you click on the sateliteguys banner at the top left it does the same thing.
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    Home page

    Where is the home page? I get this when I try to go to the home page: Whoops . . . The page you were trying to access could not be found! You might be able to find out what your looking for by searching for it, as the page your looking for may have moved. (To search SatelliteGuys.US just...
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    How to get an additional $240 off as a new DirecTV customer

    I talked to another Directv rep today and was told the discount would show up on my next statement. I will wait and see.
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    How to get an additional $240 off as a new DirecTV customer

    I signed up for Directv through the AAA phone number. When I got my 1st bill the $10 credit did not show up. I called Directv and asked about the credit and was told the offer had expired. I told the rep. that AAA's web site still was showing the offer but he said he was sorry but the offer is...