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    How to control volume on wireless bluetooth earbuds

    Sorry Scott but IMO the shortcoming is with how the Hopper/Joey handles Bluetooth rather than with the device. Sent from my iPad using the SatelliteGuys app!
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    Phoenix Meredith stations dispute?

    WATL 46 out of Atlanta is off the air. Sent from my iPad using the SatelliteGuys app!
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    Existing Customer Promotion

    Thank you for the thoughtful reply. I know I can drop one of the Joey’s for sure and will drop AEP for AT250 for a start. Tks!
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    Existing Customer Promotion

    Oh I agree it’s of my own making. Can one just sub to a premium, binge, the. Cancel and sub another...rinse then repeat without extra fees? Does anyone sub to the AEP anymore or is AET250 and below more popular? How is everyone keeping track of their agreements, price locks and the other things...
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    Existing Customer Promotion

    I wonder if I could get some advice on what to do with my programming to save money. Have been with D seemingly forever. Used to have AT250 for the longest time and subscribed to the premium channel needed to watch a show when it premiered (HBO for Sopranos etc). It all was such a hassle that we...
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    Joeys "lost broadband connection"

    Forgot to add that resetting the network from the offending Joey doesn’t work. You must do it on the Hopper.
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    Joeys "lost broadband connection"

    The only available internet access where we live is via MiFi and as a result we have the same issue. It’s maddening because the error pops up in a totally random manner. I have found the fastest way to correct it, albeit temporarily, is to press Home on your Hopper 3x, scroll down to Network and...
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    Joeys losing connection to H3

    Thanks for the tip.
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    Joeys losing connection to H3

    1 H3 3 J2 1 WJ Until today everything was humming along fine as usual. Today I have routinely been losing connection/link with my H3. Checking their status on the H3 shows their status as unlinked. Each time I have to unplug all of the Joeys and reset the H3 to reestablish a connection. Any...
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    DISH Airs Live 4K College Football from FOX Sports

    There is a glitch at the beginning where the 4K broadcast goes live. I had the same issue as you but this got me past it. Think of it as a scratch on a dvd where u hit the scratch and suddenly jump minutes ahead. Start the broadcast from the beginning. Be patient and watch without FF or skipping...
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    Game Finder broken

    The problem could be tied to the guide issues that r being reported because I imagine GF pulls info from the guide.
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    All shows not showing up on manage recordings

    Have the same issue with Champions League, Europa, FA Cup but not general BPL games. The games are there but you can only see 1 or 2(the number seems to vary) at a time. Test by deleting a game or 2 then go back to the folder and it'll show up. This behavior began a week to 10 days ago. Major...
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    Remote 50.0 trackpad stops working

    Dish replaced it.
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    Remote 50.0 trackpad stops working

    The 50 model remote's trackpad no longer works. It is paired to my Joey and has worked fine in the past. Happened last week but started working again the next day. Now it will not work again. The buttons work but not the trackpad (swipes) but the click action works. Replaced with fresh...
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    Ultra 4khd now on netflix app on hopper 3 dvr

    Well I guess I have 4K.