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    CONTEST!! Titanium ASC1 Appreciation Give-A-Way

    Brian thanks for all you do for the fta community. I hated to hear the ASC1 was being discontinued.
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    Boot troubles

    It worked. I tried boot 1 but the box still wouldn't boot then tried boot 4 which was the last one that was working. That boot started up fine. I've had an enigma box ever since the Azbox Me was new but still learn something new all the time . Thanks a lot .
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    Boot troubles

    I've tried both ways. When it messed up it had a hard drive plugged in.
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    Boot troubles

    I had all four boots working on the Mio. Today while switching to boot 1 it locked up. Nothing I have tried has worked to get it going. I even tried the force bin in desperation and that didn't even work. The box displays boot on the reciever and Edison on the tv screen. Any idea how to get it...
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    CONTEST!! Enter to Win an Edision OS Mio 4K from Titanium Satellite - Ends 4/8/2019

    I want to win an Edision OS Mio 4k with The North America Project image. Also thanks for the contest.
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    Phone apps for dish pointing / satellite finding

    I use Satfinder Lite. Also if you have an Azbox Azplayer works good with a remote app as well.
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    CONTEST!! Summer FTA Contest!

    I would love to win. Either lnbf would be nice.
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    Are there receivers controllable via a web interface?

    Another plus is that at least here the Amico remote will work from the back porch .
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    Are there receivers controllable via a web interface?

    If you have an Enigma receiver you can use the webif program to control it. My box is networked and can be controlled anywhere in the house or even outside at the dish.
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    Merry Christmas To All

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to everyone.
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    This satellite worth it?

    You could also cut the threaded part off flush. Then use a drill and a tap & die set to install a new threaded rod.
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    Contest - Box o'LNBFs

    Congratulations to the winner. Thanks for the contest Brian.
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    Contest - Box o'LNBFs

    I want to win a box o'LNBFs Thanks for the contest and all you do for the fta world.
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    Contest: Dr. HD Satellite Meters - Two Winners

    Congrats to the winners. Hope you have fun. Thanks Brian and DR.HD for the contest.