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    CableOne done with cable?

    Thankfully Midco has expanded and now covers most of Fargo, so I don't have to deal with CableOne's BS Sent from my SM-J700T1 using the SatelliteGuys app!
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    Ion is now available OTA in Fargo

    WDAY/WDAZ Just added Ion on 6.4/8.4 yesterday not too sure about the forum stations out in western ND
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    The Finale wasn't bad it was nice to see Nick's Mother and Aunt Marie in it
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    PBS Kids Channel In My Area?

    Prairie Public here in Fargo launched it this morning at 6 am on 13.4 Sent from my LGL16C using the SatelliteGuys app!
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    Heroes & Icons back on the Fargo North Dakota Full Power Market...

    Nice to see it come Sent from my LGL16C using the SatelliteGuys app!
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    Very Sad News....RIP FaT Air

    I loved talking to him about the ota channels available in Fargo he will be missed Sent from my LGL16C using the SatelliteGuys app!
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    Gray TV adds CW to 4 Stations....

    Turns out H&I no longer shows up just a common mishap on their account
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    Gray TV adds CW to 4 Stations....

    From What I heard when CW Leaves 6.2 on Sep 12. WDAY will Move Justice to it from 6.4 and will Air MNTV From 7-9 PM And in Other News I did a Rescan and KXJB-LD 30 in Horace is now on the Air 30.2 which is going to be CW has no Audio and showing CW show trailers and 30.3 shows up as H&I
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    Gray TV adds CW to 4 Stations.... They Mentioned MNTV in the Press Release Maybe this is what is going to replace CW Next Month
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    WDAY to Launch 9pm News

    Just Saw A ad saying it starts August 29 and it's going to be on Xtra and Simulcast on Justice as well
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    WDAY to Launch 9pm News

    Looks like KVRR will have some competition
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    WGN Parting ways with The CW WPWR will Be New CW Affiliate and will air MNTV on delay similar to KCOP
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    What subchannel would you like to have come to your local market?

    This and Get TV I think would complete all the good subchannels in the Fargo area
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    Incentive Auction Discussion
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    Local FTA dealer in Fargo area

    Wasn't sure where to post this, but I was wondering if there was a local FTA dealer/installer in the Fargo-Moorhead. As I'm moving to a single unit apartment with a courtyard. I already have a receiver I just need a dish