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    Anyone Watching ESPN 3D?

    I recorded it and watched this afternoon. Had a couple of friends come check it out and it was very impressive. They are all interested in getting a 3D tv now. We watched on Directv using Samsung 63" C8000. It's a very nice TV as well.
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    DIRECTV Announces New HD!

    I'm disappointed about this as well.
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    3D on Directv?

    I was planning on getting a new TV. Was just glad that I didn't have to spend more money on a new box also.
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    3D on Directv?

    Thanks :). Good to know that I won't have to buy a new box.
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    3D on Directv?

    Has there been any recent news about a date that Directv being would be able to broadcast in 3D? I just returned from a trip to Tokyo and viewed Sony's display on 3D. The soccer footage they were showing looked awesome. I already use Nvidia 3D on my computer when playing some games so I kind...
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    Anyone play soccer on the PS3 or 360?

    I always get the FIFA games. I like having the real players and teams myself. The new online mode for FIFA 09 looks like it could be pretty cool where you play 10 on 10 with all real people..only the keeper is computer controlled.
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    War Hammer Online

    Me and my wife have been playing since the open beta started. It's pretty fun. But we liked DAOC a lot and there seems to be a lot of influence from that game in here since it is made by the same people.
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    X360 HDMI Audio Output

    It works with my surround system. I use an Onkyo also. Can't remember the model right now. But I have it hooked up through HDMI and it seems to work fine. You may need to adjust some settings in the XBox itself? I'm not sure. But now that you mention it though, I may need to check again just to...
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    Directv on boat

    Yes..someone was saying it would physically block part of the radar, but it's not true..talked to some people today and lots of the charter boat captains use them to watch the football games while they are taking people out. It's some sort of tracking works while in motion. We...
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    Directv on boat

    Does anyone have a boat that they use Directv on? The boat people were telling us that the satellite dish would block parts of the radar. Is this correct? Also do you think it is worth getting if you are going on overnight fishing trips? Thanks
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    Metal Gear Solid 4 Beta!

    I think I've got everything downloaded..and got my ID created. Took forever to download that update doing a peer to peer DL
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    Metal Gear Solid 4 Beta!

    I got mine..will start downloading soon. thanks for all the info
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    Metal Gear Solid 4 Beta!

    Oh ok..thanks
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    Metal Gear Solid 4 Beta!

    Is there a beta key with every pre-order or just certain ones? I'm thinking about pre-ordering it. It will actually be the first game I've bought for my PS3 :p
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    Another one bites the dust.... is sitting out in the open on top of a shelf. I played it Tuesday night..didn't mess with it at all then went to play it on Friday night and it didn't work.