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    Fair Play Law

    From Inside Radio.
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    Bring back AM stereo CQUAM

    You do understand that if a station is using Cquam, you can still receive it on a traditional AM radio as its an analog signal.
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    Bring back AM stereo CQUAM

    And Pandora has yet to make a profit and the biggest investor wants the company sold. Pandora's business model is flawed. For every new user, they have to pay more in rights fees.
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    Bring back AM stereo CQUAM

    Not hard. If commission mandates the receiver change and the change to all digtal on expanded band it will happen. as for dxing..frankly i could give a crap about that. qsl cards dont pay a single bill, nor does someone who is dxing going to support my local sponsors so I could care less...
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    Bring back AM stereo CQUAM

    I guess I'll jump in on this topic. Some background information, I own WRDN in Durand, WI. I purchased the station in 2011. It had been on and off air for nearly 10 years and had been left for dead when the owner was allowed to move the FM to the Minneapolis Market. With a ton of hard work...
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    950 in Denver moved to 1430

    First thank you to WION for the kind words about our station in Durand, WI. (us 1430 "sisters" need to stay together!) Well I guess as an owner of one of those "useless" radio stations I guess I need to respond. Sorry I "ruin" your hobby, but frankly I could care less about DXing. I have...
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    FCC Commissioner Pai Interview on AM Rule Changes

    Hello! Here is an interview with FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai on the AM Rule Changes. Ive attached the file.
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    capacitor fun!

    Changing Capacitors in our Gates 5 so....the 1959 Gates BC-1T comes back to life for a day!!
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    Ashamed to be on AM

    I'll toss my 1/2 cent into this. In 2011 I put back on the air an AM that had been on and off air for 5 years. The FM "sister station" was moved to a metro and the AM left to die. Many of the "radio experts" told me I was crazy to do this as "AM is dead" they told me. One person was very...
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    [New Jersey] Wanna Buy An AM Station?

    hmm wonder if i could buy it and move it to Durand..would love to have 1.5kw at night that is ten times the "power" I'm allowed!
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    [Other Topic] FCC'S AM Revitalization Plan

    Hi everyone..New to group and thanks for add. I have just received confirmation with Commissioner Pai for an interview on November 3rd to talk about the rule changes. If you have any questions you would like me to ask, just let me know. I will be doing one interview for our listeners and will...