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    why LNB drift worse on one receiver than others?

    I have an 811 receiver that I seldom use. Turned it on yesterday for the first time in a few months, and while dealing with some other issues that have since been resolved, I looked at the sysinfo screen for the first time in maybe 3 years, and it reports LNB Drift for satellite 129 of (e-20)...
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    811 - do I have to replace it?

    Thanks for the info John... that certainly explains why I got the initial "smartcard not authorized" message. Do you know if I can avoid that deactivation by just leaving that receiver powered on? Usually I completely power it off at the surge protector when not in use, just to save standby...
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    811 - do I have to replace it?

    I'm confused after two conversations with DISH CSR's about whether my 811 receiver HAS to be replaced due to the MPEG4 transition, or if I can keep using it as an SDTV-only receiver. context: my 811 (owned, not leased) was demoted to the guest room a couple of years ago when I got a vip622...
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    The Weirdest Thing is happening

    Does the DISH screen saver have a little number "1" or "2" beside the "Press Select to Continue" message? If it's a "2" then it would be from the TV2 output from a dual tuner receiver in dual mode, and if the owner of the tuner doesn't actually have a TV2 hooked up, that would explain why it is...
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    go to dishnetwork from direct tv for hd?

    This may sound like a trivial reason to switch to Dish, but IMHO they have the best remote control on the market. I've played around with remotes for DirecTV and they just aren't as well thought out. Same goes for the remotes supplied with all the Motorola and Scientific Atlanta digital cable...
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    Sound cut outs

    I've got a vip622 with same symptoms -- I get occasional brief loss of audio when feeding 5.1 signals via optical digital. Happens maybe two or three times during a movie -- very distracting. I've wondered whether it is a fault in the 622, or maybe my optical cable, or maybe the optical...
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    622 HDMI Question

    Haven't tried it myself but this post says HDMI from vip622 won't work through a receiver:
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    811 OTA issue

    Not sure if this is helpful in your situation, but I used to have an 811 and I could get it to tune OTA even when I lost satellite completely in a storm. In fact, it would tune OTA even with the satellite cable disconnected. The trick was to press the "menu" key to break out of the "acquiring...
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    811 receives most of the new HD content

    M Sparks... good catch -- I made a mistake including Family Room; misread my own little "x" on the channel lineup as a "check". And yes, I'm getting HDNews too -- I forgot that was a new one vs. old HD pack.
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    first receiver fee included in package?

    ...ouch! maybe what I REALLY should have done is just cancelled my account, and had my wife open a brand new account, with all new MPEG4 equipment. It looks like it would have been faster, easier and cheaper than trying to navigate through this minefield of DISH upgrade gotchas!
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    811 receives most of the new HD content

    this probably doesn't surprise the experts out there, but I was pleasantly surprised recently when I upgraded to one of the new HD packages (in conjunction with getting a vip411 receiver) and found that my old 811 receiver is able to receive much of the "new" HD content. This surprised me...
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    first receiver fee included in package?

    Can someone tell me if the DishHD Gold package, @$69.99, already includes the lease fee for the first receiver? That's what I expected, but I just received my first bill after upgrading one of my 301's to a vip411, and discovered that they are charging me fees for all four of my receivers. Is...
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    411 locks blocking OTA sub channels

    The strange thing is that my older 811 receiver doesn't have the same problem -- it applies the ratings locks to the satellite channels, but not the OTA ones. That made me wonder if there is a setting buried in the 411 menus somewhere that would let me turn off the locks for OTA. But so far I...
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    411 locks blocking OTA sub channels

    My 411 receiver is forcing me to enter the password for the digital sub-channels that carry weather, traffic, etc, eg. in my area 4-02, 5-02, 8-02, etc. The main OTA channels, like 4-01 are included in the on-screen program guide with ratings that don't trigger the locks, but the -02 channels...
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    did I buy or lease my 811 for $199 in Dec 2003?

    Thanks to everyone for your comments. I called back DISH to argue my case, armed with more information thanks to y'all. Got bounced to a 2nd level CSR who put me on hold while he researched for about 10 minutes, then he came back to say that they may indeed have made an error right from the...