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    And then there was one....

    I cancelled both my radios recently... just was not worth the extra costs...have been bombarded with emails and mailings trying to get me back!! How about you just lower the price in the first place and stop spending all that money trying to get me back.
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    My Go Around with the Audit Team (Now RESOLVED!)

    If I ever get audited and am treated rudely or like a criminal I will be gone. I have 3 receivers in my house, 1 on each floor. Single family house, single family of 8 people. I pay my bill every month. If they try to give me crap I am gone in a flash...
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    Sling Adapter Rebate Tracking!

    Thanks Mary! I got my 99$ card in the mail today. I appreciate all of your help, Great job!
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    This is from when Cingular became at&t but still funny! ?ATT History?‏ - YouTube
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    Sling Adapter Rebate Tracking!

    Thanks Mary!!! 3 of 4 for me!
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    99 CENT PPV COMING BACK July 1...

    I can guarantee I am renting 3 of those movies so it is 3 dollars that DISH gets as opposed to Redbox. Thanks Dish! :)
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    Receiver Temperature

    How do you tell the temperature of your receiver? Is there a screen on the box to tell you or using a thermometer??
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    Is the Sling rebvate link missing from your "My Accounts"?

    I'm in the same boat, Thank Mary :) Having Dish support members on this site makes life so much easier!
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    Dear Friends... (A Note about the Sling Adapter Promotion)

    Thank you sir! :)
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    Dear Friends... (A Note about the Sling Adapter Promotion)

    Would this switch be sufficient or can someone recommend something different / better? Netgear FS105NA Switch 5Port Metal: Electronics
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    Dear Friends... (A Note about the Sling Adapter Promotion)

    Just ordered mine using the chat, rep seemed to know exactly what I was talking about. $99 charged to credit card and already got order confirmation. :) Thanks Dish, so far so good!
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    Dammit Dish.............

    Thanks Tony, I appreciate you stopping in. Hopefully once things get moved around it will get better.
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    Dammit Dish.............

    Or maybe one of the Dish team members can chime in... It is 2011, there has to be a better way of broadcasting sports in HD and ensuring the entire broadcast will be shown (Start early, and ensure it does not end before the end of the game due to overtime or whatever.) I wish they would just...
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    No more HD Distant Networks?

    You are right lol, it doesn't bother me being up there so I will just leave it for now. Thanks! :)