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    New DIRECTV Customer with Questions

    Also, you will need an eight port switch installed. Markets with round dishes use a 2x4 switch, PhaseIII dish markets already have four ports. To add a fifth port will require either a 2x8 or 4x8 which adds $$$. Probably better off popping dot eh extra $49 from D*
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    Condo/Apartment Cable Lock Box Access

    Also - in most cases that ROE must be filed with the local municipality/county/et al; so it is part of the public record and you don't have to *rely* on the MSO's honesty or the building owners recollection with regards to cable ownership.
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    Is there a way to get UK channels in the US?

    Bob - pretty sure GlobeCast lost those some time ago. Don't see them in the lineup anymore on thier website:
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    Multiple Receiver's On One Dish ???

    For a commercial/hospitality setting such as yours, the quote was probably pretty accurate. Big difference between residential and commercial receivers (i.e. not free) not to mention an SBCA level 3 certified installer (required if doing commercial installs) to set it all up. However it...
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    Stacked setup causing problems

    You can use just one destacker (if your provider is charging you for these, it can get to be expensive!) and a 3x4 multi-switch. + Split your line from the wall plate with a high frequency splitter. + Run one side of the splitter to the +13V side of the multi-switch + Run the other side...
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    Need help with SMATV Headend issue.

    Sorry to say ... to many variables to get even a guessable answer. For starters: + What's the output of the combiner? + Are all the drops home run to the head end, split by floor, <gasp> DC'd? + What cable type is being used if home run ... if split by floor? + What does the engineer...
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    Can't get HD

    FWIW ... I have been buying our posts from the local fence dealer. They have the correct diameter posts for every dish we have come across. Was in griping the other day about our 44" frost line for a DiRECWAY install we were most likely going to have to jack hammer. He had the answer in the form...
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    Stacked setup causing problems

    Using multi-sats on a stacked system can complicate things. Without seeing what you have at the DVR, makes it hard to troubleshoot. A diagram or picture with the components would help. As for your HD unit, you may need a pair of destackers to unstack the signals (again dependant upon how they...
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    Dish Retailers please read! Need advice

    You may find that you have better success contacting a non-corporate distributor such as RS&I or Mid-State. Speaking from experience here. Took us four months to get finalized with corporate, about two weeks with Mid-State ... and treated a whole lot better. We don't do anything with our...
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    NASCAR In-Car

    XM has two NASCAR channels: Dunno if that was what you were referring to.
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    Very Angry with D*

    Ditto what Elsteveo said. Not going to stick up for anyone's customer service(as a matter of fact, now-a-days I think most corporate conglomerates see customer service as a revenue-draining-nuisance; but that's another thread) but my own. If you were my customer, I'd be happy to help you get...
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    ahh another newb question on alignment

    Would probably get just as accurate results on the signal level meter screen by entering your zip code (menu 6-1-1) Rule one, make sure your mast is plumb and level - no exceptions!. Rule two, set the skew first and leave it. If the mast is level and you set the elevation angle correctly...
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    Possible to combine/separate two dss signalls in same coax run?

    Be a lot easier to installer your 5x8 in that central location (four lines already run from the PhaseIII) rather than outside the house. Maybe I am not understanding what you are trying to accomplish with the 5x8?
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    trouble locating 119 from Miami

    If you were behind the dish trying to get 119 it would be right and lower Right, you do not need an additional multiswitch, unless you will be feeding more than four IRDs
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    trouble locating 119 from Miami

    Math doesn't equate. If you look at the settings for each bird via Miami Fl (33196) you will notice a difference of 20.6 degrees using the magnetic (Az m) compass setting. Huge elevation difference as well. Sat Name ** Sat Lng ** Az(t) ** Az(m) ** El DirecTV 1 ** 101.0W ** 220.9 ** 226.4...