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    RVU on a UN60JU6400 with an HR54 / can't adjust resolution

    In regards to the sound issue I had the same problem and I think it was related to the one connect box. I moved my dtv hdmi cable to a different port and it solved the problem.
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    FOX not being broadcasted on Direct TV

    So did they resolve this? I noticed the World Series is being broadcast but I don't see an update on the Directvpromises website. I haven't checked the channel in a while so I don't know if they've been broadcasting other shows or if they just made arrangements to give us the WS.
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    EVERYTHING gone on 6 PVR's

    We had the same issue on one of our receivers when we had the Whole Home Networking installed last week. We were also part of the beta program. We lost all of the shows recorded on the receiver as well as the series manager. Fortunatley for me (not so much the wife) the receiver was...
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    Smoking a turkey

    I have had my best results cooking low heat for several hours. I also use a brinkman smoker and have had great results. I've used brines but not every time. I also prefer apple wood. I just smoked a 10 lb on fathers day and took 6 hours to do it. I maintained a temp of around 220 and smoked it...
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    another Hulk?

    Looks like its been done right this time.
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    The Sarah Connor Chronicles on FOX

    If I had to guess I would say it was because he has the file on Sarah?
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    Surprise Entry Time Nintendo WII - ENTER TO WIN NOW!

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    Slingbox Pro - Enter Here to Win

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    Toshiba HD-A2 HDDVD Player #2 - Enter To Win!

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    Nintendo WII - Enter Here to Win!

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    Playstation 3 - Enter Here to Win!

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    XBOX LIVE Subscription - Enter Here to WIN!

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    Toshiba HD-A2 HDDVD Player - Enter To Win!

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    fsn midwest 647-1

    Nope, just getting audio noie