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    Very Large Array

    Was there a few years ago. Very interesting place. Self guided tour takes you around the site. Was hoping to get a tour in the building where all the signal processing is done but no luck. Got a "T" shirt and VLA mouse-pad. The opening shot from Space Odessy 2010 was filmed there too. :) If the...
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    Equipment to go

    Nice FM exciter just need a PA and you can have your own broadcast station! Dish is nice too! I would be too far away to ship, maybe someone local in S Ont can respond. Good luck! -C.
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    Don't laugh, but is this a good basic test for an LNBF??

    Likely just picking up the microwave noise in the IF (feedline, connections, etc) range rather than 12 GHz from a microwave. Not much around that's easily accessible that generates RF in the Ku spectrum that your LNBF/receiver would recognize other than the satellite downlinks, unless you can...
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    Merry Christmas

    Seasons Greetings everyone!
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    Help selecting transponder

    KE4EST I have no knowledge in the video game field, other than maybe Pacman. Then M2 isn't in Hydra, it's in Aquarius, should have been my first clue. :) Way too much eggnog here..
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    Help selecting transponder

    That sirect TV dish should at least find some stronger TPs, I know I used an 18" dish once just for run and it found the TPs but poor signals badly broken up etc. Have to be patient with a small dish sometimes it takes several seconds to lock on a tp. Your username; M2 (Messier 2) refers to a...
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    Darn my dish iced up...

    Had a bunch of freezing rain today... but my dishes don't look THAT bad! Looks like a mountain top way up in the clouds.
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    C-Band NPRM

    I mounted an 8ft CM offset on railway ties buried just below ground surface. Hasn't blown over yet! Likely not best for a rooftop though can't bury anything there unless you can tie into the roof structure somehow. Shouldn't be difficult to weld something like post #6 with some material from a...
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    SiriusXM with FTA dish?

    Yes I am absolutely assuming the panel is ok... which it may not be. Not that familiar with XM/Serius, was guessing at the frequency from what I have heard in the past. That's all good, a smaller reflector in the 6-8 ft range would likely work then. Just something to try.
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    SiriusXM with FTA dish?

    Guess if you have a large enough dish pointed at the proper satellite, replace the LNB with your patch antenna (pointing at the center of the dish), it should increase the signal. Might have to play with the focal distance a bit. Will be some trial and error. Think the signal is 1150-1200MHz so...
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    DVB-S2 vs. DVBS2X

    Those Ubiquti Bullet M2/M5 radios are quite handy, been able to catch wifi signals using a 1m offset dish about 40mi away using a tin can feed horn. :) The M5 might be better for high bitrate satellite feeds though, the 2.4 GHz can be marginal if there is any kind of interference. Need...
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    PBS MUX down on 125W?

    Using a 90cm stationary here, only getting 9.7-10dB SNR. Plays fine though. Definitely a drop in signal here too. Playing Sesame Street on HD01, cookie monster singing... Now I need cookies!
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    getting dish happy and need to find a way to hide all my dishes

    Just use a flat paint that matches the background of where the dish is placed. Amazing how no one notices something like a big dish as long as it blends in with the surroundings. A radar dome would be cool though. Might have visitors showing up unexpectedly with suburbans with tinted windows...
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    SES1 3764V

    That one shows a symbol rate of 2733 should show up in a manual scan. Some receivers will skip over narrow band TPs like that sometimes when there is another TP close by. Can you select 3KHz increments as opposed to 5KHz in your receiver? Might help finding those in a blind scan.
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    The true meaning of "dish-farm"

    COOL! Yes each old tractor, like old cars, have personalities. Sometimes they just don't want to start. :) I have one about that size, an Allis Chalmers B. The starter died but it does start with the hand crank. Just have to make sure the points are good in the magnito. Sometimes a good workout...