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    Can Anyone Install or Supply & Install a C-Band Dish In Minneapolis Area ?

    There’s a company in Fergus Falls MN that used to sell and install c-band, bit of a drive to Minneapolis though from there. They shut down or changed names. Maybe they are still around? Also Mike Kohl is in WI I think may be a bit of a haul for him too. Global CM is the company name. Best if...
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    Satellite Accessories: Princess Auto

    Good catch. Yes that might be a problem with a 24v -36v controller! Could use really thin wiring to create voltage drop... but that would make for some hot wiring... maybe mod the controller output would be safer.
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    Channel Master 1.83 with AZ/EL mount conversion.

    Hauled an 8-foot offset dish home from FaT AIr’s place few years back. Just set it on top of the 1/2 ton box with some rubber belting to protect the box sides. Lots of tie down straps. Yes you need to check the straps after first 20mi or so. This is my 127w dish now. Still need to paint a NASA...
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    Satellite Accessories: Princess Auto

    cyberham you have Princess Auto stores in the far east? Cool! Scary place to browse through... I never leave empty-handed! Should be able to add a magnet wheel and switch. The really short one ould be nice for declination if it had a sensor.
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    Restoring a satellite dish for satellite TV use (VAST)

    Just make sure the paint leaves a flat (non gloss/reflective) surface finish to avoid making a solar furnace for cooking your LNB. I painted one of my C-band dishes flat green to blend in with the evergreen trees behind it. makes it almost invisible from a distance.
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    Dish available near Winnipeg, Manitoba

    TronAlpha that dish looks like it might have fallen on it's "face", noting the bent feedhorn support arms. It could be badly damaged. Also note the "flat" spot on the left edge of the first image. Yes a string test would be telling if so. Attach two strings in opposite diameter positions so...
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    I think I have seen a feed for the Powerball lottery somewhere, likely on Ku though. Do you have a movable Ku dish for FTA? Might be on 103w. It's likely only up when there is a draw.
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    Fta Subscription

    Scott would appreciate a donation though! (for the forum)
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    Think the only FOX on that mux is from PR. There are other fox feeds on 99w but these would feed local stations, not a feed from them. Too bad they didn't include the CBS station in that mux anymore, used to watch it all the time. Then I haven't scanned that satellite for quite a while. Maybe...
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    1600 - 1700 kHz Information Radio System Stations

    A loop antenna works well for Am DXing, I built one using 2 6" by 40" by 1/2" wood with four turns of #18 wire, and a 4:1 balun (ones that work for TV antennae). If your receiver has a 300 ohm input then twinlead direct to the antenna leads works fine. Decent for reception on the 160m band down...
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    KTI polar mount

    Those bolts in the picture look ok, just run the nuts up and down the whole length a few times especially on that long "eye bolt" so they turn freely. Some thick grease (gel?) should minimize rust once re-assembling; all good advice above. Spray some lube on the bolts yearly when assembled to...
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    4:2:2 feeds

    I use Kodi all the time for these feeds. latest versions have all the codecs, but I use it on a seperate computer (Windoze 7 laptop) using the LAN to transfer the data from the MIO to the laptop to decode and play via HDMI to the TV.
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    Point-to-Point Satellite

    Not sure if there is an advantage to services like Hughesnet if you already have an internet service, don't they still use a ground station that all the data has to go through before being sent back out? The service I am sure works great, but meant more for areas that don't have land-based ISPs...
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    My OLD SV360

    Eugene, yes it should receive most channels on 97W. Is there a particular TP/Channel they are interested in? Can always check and make sure.
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    How outdated is my Pansat 2700a?

    There are some news channels on G19 (97W) in DVBS format that you can likely receive with your 2700. The news channel from China is likely on 95W, maybe your antenna shifted a bit. Just did a quick scan on 97W Ku and get 182 channels, many are still DVBS. RTV, PressTV, and CNC World are some...