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    New DISHANYWHERE Player Discussion

    I wonder if the external traffic is necessary and what would happen if someone blocked the Firestick from Internet access to test. Too bad I don't have Dish anymore.
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    Roku vs Firestick streamers to supplement Hopper

    The FireStick is the hardware you need to purchase then you download the DishAnywhere app (software) onto the FireStick to allow the FireStick to connect to your Hopper and act as the replacement for your Joey.
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    Roku vs Firestick streamers to supplement Hopper

    Yes, you can use a Firestick to replace a Joey assuming you have decent Wi-Fi in your home and the TV has an available HDMI port. The Dish Anywhere app is not as responsive as a Joey but for many people that doesn't matter, especially on a TV that doesn't get a lot of use. I would recommend...
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    I wasn't sure which DBS Forum to Post this in…

    I like the way they "Thank you for you patience". "PATIENCE MY ASS, I'm going to kill something"
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    NHL Center Ice 2019-20

    WOW!!! Madison WI is only blacked-out for the Wild. Go Figure
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    NBC Chicago Sports RSN

    If you are a big Blackhawks fan and have at least a 10mb DSL connection you might want to consider NHL.TV or Center ICE, Iowa should be outside the Blackhawks home territory and you wouldn't need to worry about blackouts. You can check out the blackout situation by clicking on subscribe and...
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    NHL Center Ice 2019-20

    If you are in the Carolina home area then the games should be blacked out on CI, same with NHL.TV. NHL.TV has a zip code calculator that will show what teams you will be blacked out for.
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    Fox Blocks Millions of DISH Customers

    Thursday Night Football: I believe for the first 6 games plus one Thanksgiving game the NFL Network is the "Prime" carrier with Fox purchasing additional broadcast rights. The rest of the games Fox is the "Prime" carrier. Only one media outlet (SBJ) is reporting the NFL network blackout, all...
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    Dish won't even answer their phones now / pissed football fans?

    What good does calling do when you know the problem is a Fox-Dish programming dispute? It's not like the CSR can do anything about.
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    Broadband Internet Over Power Line for Rural Areas

    Not a fan of ATT but is it possible the plan on using AirGig as the backhaul for all those 5G cell distribution points that are required to support 5G? My understanding is 5G requires many more access points due to the short range of the 5G bands. It is possible for different technologies to be...
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    Broadband Internet Over Power Line for Rural Areas

    WiMAX is still around. It is still widely used for wireless Internet access especially outside the U.S. There are hundreds of WiMAX installations worldwide, but not so many in the U.S. One main wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) is Clearwire or CLEAR, a division of Sprint that still...
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    Broadband Internet Over Power Line for Rural Areas

    Ham radio operators have lobbied hard against BPL as it supposedly creates interference that can severely limit the usefulness of the Ham frequencies. Interference From BPL Systems
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    This says "moving" is against the law????

    Actually the RIAA didn't go after the downloaders, the RIAA went after the uploaders with a vengenance. Now many of those "uploaders" weren't aware that the peer-to-peer client they were using (Limewire as an example) would automatically act as a "seed" and participate in uploads as a "sharing"...
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    This says "moving" is against the law????

    But they don't geolocate on the 10.x.x.x address the Hopper gets from my DHCP server, they geolocate on the external address assigned by your ISP or VPN provider. Google puts me anywhere from Maryland to Florida to Oregon plus a dozen other places depending on which exit point is active from my...
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    DISH, DirecTV to merge?

    Exactly. (Groundhog Day is a reference to the Bill Murray movie.)