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    streaming services raising rates dropping channels

    Price are rising because many of the original streaming services were taking losses in order to build up their subscriber base. Now that they are looking to make a profit they are charging more. Everybody has to pay the piper sooner or later. Eventually the only benefit of linear streaming...
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    Point of interest, HBO content has left Prime video.

    Maybe it's time for me to start shopping at Target. They get it.
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    Big Four Networks Sue Locast

    You got 2 of the big 3 but forgot my personal favorite "TuneIn Radio". Competition is good.
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    Whats The Best OTA STB?

    Technically not an STB but you might want to give the Tablo OTA DVR a look. It connects to your antenna and LAN, your TV connects using a local app or a Roku/Firestick etc.
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    Sony Bravia TV's

    Actually you can get the x900 in the 49" size. Not as good a deal as the 65" but still an excellent TV.
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    Sony Bravia TV's

    Upscaling SD and OTA content. This is where the more expensive brands justify their additional cost. HiSense/TCL/Westinghouse and all the other lower-tier brands do not do well at upscaling of content. The Sony 900F is probably your best bet for good upscaling and reasonable pricing. The...
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    What will happen if Dish and DirecTV merge?

    You would be surprised how many won't.
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    What will happen if Dish and DirecTV merge?

    $80 a seat would be in the nose bleed section for a decent team. 2 tickets at the Pepsi Center for Avalanche V. Blackhawks, half-way up on a corner. $125 per seat plus the damn "convenience fee" that Ticketmaster gets. $25 per ticket. So 2 tickets = $300. The United Center in Chicago is...
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    What will happen if Dish and DirecTV merge?

    RSNs, I expect that eventually they will be back on Dish but not as part of any basic package. There might be a hefty charge for a "Sports Only" add-on, and by hefty I mean $50-60 per month. Personally I could live with that as long as I didn't also have to take a $80 per month 200 channel...
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    What will happen if Dish and DirecTV merge?

    Try driving around in the Rocky Mountains, you are out of cell phone range more than in it. Granted Sirius/XM can have their difficulties too.
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    Is it possible to connect wireless Joeys via powerline adapters?

    Another suggestion, try using a Firestick and Dish Anywhere with the bedroom TV. Might solve your problem and save a couple of bucks too.
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    Are there any differences between the 54.0 and the 54.1 remotes? (Other than the logo on the bottom of 54.1)

    What about a remote would make it not compatible with ATSC 3.0? It's not like the remote has a tuner. Maybe I missed the sarcasm font.
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    Hopper 3 no wireless

    You don't happen to be hiding your SSID are you? The Hopper3 won't be able to find a hidden SSID.
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    Krell is absolutely correct MAC address do not pass through the Router. That is why we have IP addresses and routing.
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    Is it possible to remove apps from the Hopper?

    Navychop, On a mission from God.